Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Episode of Judas Episode 3

...Before he could say a word, I'd grabbed his head and shoved him into my crotch. He kissed below my navel and ran his tongue symmetrically down to the divide of my labia. He used his tongue to slit the curtains of my labia for the inner pinnacle to be revealed. Vincent had no respect for holiness at all. That which was hidden in the inner chamber, he exposed with his tongue and flickered it over the erected Clint that stood, yearning
for attention. "Uhhhhh..." I jerked as he made contact. This felt
totally different. I almost had a seizure. Vincent applied pressure with his tongue and began running it slowly up and down with every wetness he
could garner. I looked so apologetic with a sorry face begging for attention.
He dropped the shower and used both hands to
separate the labia to avoid further restriction. Ever seen a man diligent in his tasks. Vincent was dining with kings already. He planted his lips on my
labia and suckled at it with vacuum in his mouth.
"Yeeee!" I let out a sharp cry but he grabbed my
buttocks and pressed my waist against his face. No
hope of escape, just death awaiting me. I clung on to
him and almost fell off the tub but for his strength
with which he grabbed.
"Yeeaaah! Uhhhhh! Aaarrrgggg!" I couldn't stop screaming in several ways and he did dare to stop. Rather, he began doing it with a tongue. I kept on screaming. "I'm coming... I'm coming uhhhhbhh!" I clung to him
as I tensed and stopped feeling my limbs. I felt all the juice rush out while he took them all. He slid his two fingers in me like trying to dig up something and feeling the rough mound just under my clitoris. He thrust in and out until I cried and rocked my waist as the entire fluid came rushing for the second time in
a row. What was I in for?
I grabbed his erection and was about to reciprocate
when he opted against if and kissed me on the
forehead. "Join me in bed." He said and grabbed a towel. Unfortunately, there was something about his features that I didn't
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