Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Judas the betrayer episode 16

...Look Charles, we are not supposed to be here. Can you please take me back to the hotel right now? Before saying anything, he quickly planted a kiss on my lips and shut me up. I didn't react for a while and he didn't let go either. As I raised my eyes and met his, I didn't know what
happened, but I shut my eyes again and kissed him
back. Saturday morning and it's was matter of hours Nelly would be married to Paul and her status would change. She was so excited that she woke me up as early as 05:00hrs in the morning. Before 07:00hrs, the makeover crew would arrive for their art so we had to shower and get ready for them. As soon
as I left the shower and into the room, Nelly threw a question at me. "Charles told me what happened yesterday. Like seriously what came over you?"
I sighed and went straight to the dressing mirror
without saying a word.
"Nomsa I am talking to you?" "What was I supposed to do? He kissed me without
permission." I retorted.
"Oh yes, and you slapped him? For God's sake, how
does that appeal to you?"
"I had no choice. For real that was the only thing I
could do at that time."
"For crying out loud, Charles is a gentleman, one every lady would want to keep." She preached. "Oh yeah, I know he's a gentleman that kisses a girl without permission. That sounds cool." "Are you kidding me? Like serious he jumped on you without any green light? I know better than that. Just gimme a break." She waved her hand in the air in a rebuff gesture. "Don't be like that Nelly, you know I have a boyfriend
and I told him that. He ought to have respected that." "Really? You have a boyfriend? I don't seem to know him." Nelly jeered. "By the way, tell me you didn't enjoy the kiss Nomsa?" "What nonsense are you talking about?" I shook my head and muttered a lie, "Stuff was so irritating." "Huh? It's okay. You have a boyfriend, one you've
been secretive about. Now see better Babe, and you
slapped him. I only mean well for you my dear."
"Now see who's talking about secretive. Why have
you kept secret the reason for your breakup with Vincent all this while?" I snapped with rage. "Oh I see, seems you still have your mind on that.
Come to think of it, why have you refused to get over Vincent? I was the one that broke up with him and not you." "Same way I'm the one dating my boyfriend and not you." I turned from the mirror and shot Nelly a surprise attack. "Babe, don't you think the same thing that haunted Vincent away from you can also wreck your marriage?" I succeeded as my words struck her well. She froze
and slowly turned to look at me. "Girlfriend, what's
the matter with you? Why now? Of all the days and
times and hours, you chose now... Few hours to my wedding? Gosh, what are you up to?" My words pierced through her like a spear. A little bit of remorse crept in but I didn't care.. "So tell me, what do you intend to achieve?" She leaned backward and enquired thoughtfully. "Are you
in anyway seeing Vincent? Don't tell me you're
communicating with him somehow." I took it well. I chuckled and replied calmly, "you are both pathetic and ridiculous at the same time. Just
quit already, stop being petty. How is that possible?" I shook my head incredulously. "Now listen baby girl, I'm just worried and concerned
about you at the same time. Just like that your
relationship with Vincent snapped and it's over, I was thinking he was the one you would have been tieing the knot with today but no, it's someone else. Don't you see? Something must be wrong. Can't you smell it?" "Unfortunately baby girl, I'm walking the aisle with Paul and not Vincent. And if you give me multiple chances, I'll still choose Paul over Vincent." "Story for the gods," I jeered. "We both know you lied. Because he now works in an oil company huh? Nthew nthew ntwew ..." "Oh come off it, I was into him before the job, don't forget too quickly but like I said, I would never have dated Vincent even if he was the only man alive." I felt goose pimples. Now this was serious. This was
my time and I had to use it well. "I lowered my tone
and asked, "why? What is your issue with Vincent?"
She sighed and stood up to leave. "Not again, not this time. This is the only one secret that you've kept from me and I won't let it slip because after today, I'm sure you'll never talk about this again. She heaved a sigh and folded both arms. "Okay, Vincent is a sex maniac." I angled my head in disbelief and burst into laughter clutching at my belly as it rocked. "What's funny?"
"Are you just selling that to me hoping I'd buy?" "I'm not kidding Nomsa, he's a lunatic. Vincent is not
normal." I stopped laughing and gathered myself. "Okay, I get you or let me just pretend like I do. So because one is a sex maniac makes him a lunatic and abnormal? Girl, you're boring." Nelly just shook her head and stood watching me in disbelief as I returned to my seat before the mirror. We heard a knock and she went to get it. It was the
makeover crew. While she was with them, I began to
ruminate on what she just said about Vincent being a
lunatic and...Sex maniac that I could understand but how is that a problem?
I smiled to myself and was about to write her off as
being petty and boring. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm my game is becoming unpredictable "I sighed". Before taking another step, in my mind again, I thought about what I saw in Vincent's bedroom.....

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