Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Judas the disobedient boy

...Moreover, the story changed steam. Vincent set the heater temperature and filled the bath tub while I went unclad to the kitchen to fetch some
apples, cucumbers, mangoes, carrots, bananas, groundnuts and
a large bottle of chilled yoghurt. I blended all together and poured the yoghurt into the mixture. I was feeling hungry but couldn't wait until we finished bathing before eating something, I was scared that with the
way Vincent was going, I might never survive it. Funny right? "You missed a call." He informed me from the bathroom door.
I placed the concoction on the bed and went to seek
my phone. "It was actually five missed calls from
Nelly. Funny enough, she hasn't totally gotten over
you." "You discuss me with Nelly?" He grimaced. "Not really. I just wanted to know what she felt about
your breakup with her."
"Did she say anything?"
"She refused to say. But she is not over it yet. That
girl is just something else. Thank God I've moved on.
She should just be on her own and enjoy her marriage. Vincent came out from the bathroom naked and found my concoction on the bed. "What is that?" "It's​ what I call concoction. A mixture of apple, cucumber, banana, carrots, groundnuts and yoghurt.
It's cool and tastes nice. Look, it's quite thick and
pasty and creamy." "That's smoothie. Hope that doesn't purge us to death
this night?" "Oh, call it whatever you like but after taking this, you will thank me later." Vincent smiled and joined me on the bed. I poured out the content into little bowls and insert a spoon each. He liked it, it's taste was unique with the sour taste and chilled temperature of the yogurt making it spot on. We fed each and ended up playing with the excesses. Soon, we both had our bodies covered in the paste of the smoothie. Vincent carried me into the bathroom and stepped into the lathering tub. He invited me in to sit just in front of him. His tub was large enough for the two bodies to at least move around but not without making contact. We had our legs stretched out against our genitals. I delighted in tossing his pestle with my toes and poking his sack. He smiled, he liked it. We bathed without looking away from each other,
admiring our bodies in any way we could. When it
was time to drain the lathered water so we could rinse, he asked me to unplug the drainage. I did and the water began to drain. Just as the tub was draining it's last, I heard the clang of metal against ceramics and groped in the lather to know what it was. "What are you looking for?" He asked.
"I heard something." I said and felt the metal. I
withdrew my hand from the lather and blew air on it to clear it for a better vision at a golden ring with a large diamond stone.
"What is this?" I asked perplexed. My face twitched into horror as many thoughts flashed into my mind in split seconds. Was he seeing someone else? The ring
surely belonged to another woman whom he also
shared the bath tub with. How could I have been a
fool all this time? My face was red with blush. "Who's
she?" I asked with a stern quaky voice. Vincent chuckled and calmly replied, "it's you baby...
Will you marry me?"
My jaw dropped as I tried to understand what he was saying as if he had spoken Latin before. "I can't think of anyone else but you baby. I want us
live together as husband and wife. Please my queen, marry me. Just say yes." I put both hands on my chest and laughed. I handed him the ring and stretched out my left hand and middle finger. "Put the damn ring on my finger silly boy." He made a facial expression of mock refute and took the ring from me, we both burst into laughter. He put the ring on me. I admired the ring and hugged it tight. I had a better and more expensive ring than Nelly. I leaned forward and hugged him with my slimy lathered body. That wasn't going to pass without electric. I kissed him. "Thank you baby. I promise to be your wife and give you my whole body, soul and all. I will be loyal to you forever. We locked gazes for a while before he stretched his hand and put on the shower so it splashed water directly on my face.
We guffawed and he turned me around so I had my back to him. My massive behind was rubbing against his cock in and that didn't seem funny at all. He washed lather off our bodies and using the hand shower. He showered my boobs and caressed them at the same time. He ran the splashes all over me
sensually while nibbling at my earlobes and neck,
standing my hair's with the breath of his nostrils.
"Hmmmm..." I helplessly let out a soft moan. Vincent lowered the shower to my thighs and crotch, I involuntarily spread my legs and placed them on either sides of the tub squirming and bucking my hips in rhythm to his soft torture. "Oh my, babyyyy..." whispered, wriggling all over
him. I whimpered and kept making tiny buzzing
sounds, dying slowly.
"I'm hungry baby, can you now feed me that thing?"
Vincent whispered over my neck. The sound of his voice behind me sent shivers down me, but the idea of getting a head, melted me. I moved away from him and turned around. I knelt with both knees on both of his flanks. Vincent slid down a bit so his face came level with my crotch. Oh dear, he breathed on my crotch before splashing on it again. "Eat the living dead outta me baby." Before he could say a word something happened...

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