Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Judas the landmaker episode 18

...I wouldn't want to miss red red night for any boring wedding party. Indeed, Vincent had a huge surprise waiting for me. Vincent was at the airport on my arrival. The first thing I spotted was his succulent lips. I didn't really know why I felt so enthused about him or this visit in particular, maybe it was just all the events
surrounding Nelly's engagement and wedding. They were so dramatic like in the movies, so unreal, the sad thing being, they were real. Back to his lips, they looked soft and tender like a baby's. I was tripping already and felt a bit lubricious below. He took my luggage from me and loaded them in the
trunk and returned to give me a tight embrace. Vincent held the door for me to enter the car and he
zoomed off as soon as he was behind the wheel. The
drive to his house was swift and smooth. As soon as we arrived home, he began unloading the luggage while I headed to my room. "Hello," he called my attention. "This way please." "I..." I started to say but he cut me off. "Yeah I know, we're staying in my room this time."
Vincent room? I tried to speak, but could only gape. No way I was going to stay in Vincent's room. But how would he take my objection and rejection? Before I could utter another word, he was on his way to his room while I followed reluctantly, dragging my feet behind him. I stood at the entrance of the bedroom not knowing how to enter. The sight of the other day kept flashing through my head. I wanted to retreat to the sitting room when he called me and asked what was keeping me.
I slowly shoved the door and peered through the gap created. I caught a glimpse of a lemon green duve, rolled halfway over a white floral bed sheet. The
pillows were multicoloured, about six of them, arranged on the large family size bed.
I stepped in, holding the door ajar. The room had
become brilliant and cozy. The colours seemed to
have been carefully selected to appease and seduce a lady although in my case, I was already a horny lady waiting to be devoured. The room had changed from what I saw, perhaps I was simply disillusioned. Maybe I had been hallucinating all this while. What the hell was wrong with me? This room looked like heaven, I thought I may never have need for heaven if I'd be made to stay in this room.
I smiled and studied the room with a slow swipe of
the eyes around me. "The last time you came, did you at any point come in
here?" He threw the question I wasn't expecting and drew a gasp from me. "Uhmm... Come in here? How is that possible? It was always locked." His unflinching stare never left my eyes as he searched for what I didn't know. "Why did you ask? Is there any problem?" "No, not at all. You know, you were searching the room like you have been here before." I laughed. "You sound like you worked on this room in anticipation of today." He smirked and shook his head, "you're a genius. But no, the room has always been like this. Just changed a few things to accommodate your taste." "Then I must say you did a good job." I smiled and winked at him.
He smiled and spread his arms wide, "come here."
I moved to cover the space between us, wrapped by his hands. He wrestled me to my back on the bed and started kissing me. Certainly, Vincent seemed
starved, evident in his extreme hardness and desire. The way he kissed me felt like he'd been thirsty and stranded in a desert, and eventually ran into an oasis. My mouth was the source of his life, and my tongue was his straw. He sucked my tongue and made me
do same like one blowing a manhood. We tongue
wrestled while he began undoing my clothing. In a matter of few seconds, my bra was exposed and
my skin was met with the coldness from the air
conditioner he had torn my gown impatiently. I arced my back so he could gain easy access to my hook and off he flung my bra across the room. I longed for him inside of me already, I wanted to feel his hardness and ruthlessness against the inner walls of my lubricious thing. I, in turn began to wrestle with his belt. He stood erect and helped me peel his trousers down to his
knees, while he freed the Long man from his boxers it was obviously angry judging by the veins. He helped me peel off my pant and tossed it aside, lifting my gown to reveal his heaven on earth. "Oh baby, I can't wait." I cried, watching the throbbing
pestle with a cap like a mushroom. "Welcome back home my love," was all Vincent said before the drill began. "Uhhhhh!" The first thrust drew a loud gasp of arrival from me. With my legs, wide apart in the air, Vincent began digging like he was certain there was gold down there. Each thrust hit the end walls of my private part and sent me into electrocution. The feeling was sizzling and felt like I would stop living at the next thrust. Five minutes later, we were both speaking gibberish and swearing at each other. He quickly withdrew from
me and I couldn't believe the Long man hadn't shrunk one bit. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and turned me over. "Show me that ass baby let me rock your back till you can't sit again." I chuckled and pushed my buttocks up an elevated
angle. He exclaimed at that sight and found his way back using his hand to guide long man back in. He bent over and grabbed my boobs while digging further inside. I didn't​ know how I just felt but I was out of my body. At one point, I begged him to stop or I'd die but again,
I thrust my ass backward against his groin area
which made him feel I implied he wasn't thrusting
hard enough. Vincent was a beast, he went for the kill, thrusting faster and harder while I screamed my breath out. Soon we both rocked and tensed as he came inside me. I could feel the hot fluid spurting against my walls, wrestling with those coming from me and
causing an eruption. He collapsed on me and we both lay there with his
penis right inside me. It felt good. Our heavy panting could be heard from over fifty meters away. "Did you say you have a surprise for me? Could there be anymore surprise?" I managed to ask amidst heavy panting.
Vincent chuckled and kissed my earlobes. "This is just a welcome. Let's go and shower, this journey is still very far." And for real, the journey was still far, moreover, the story changed steam...

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