Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Know your goals today

In the Bible it's clearly started stated that people perish for the lack of knowledge. We intend to involve ourselves into something because of others or out of admiration or lust. In the supreme law of our land (The constitution) it's also stated that ignorance does not mean or it's not defence. Before you start doing anything know the purpose.
∆ My brothers and sisters: Don't start dating or marry because of riches. This is because when riches are doomed marriage/ relationship will no longer be there.
∆ Don't marry because you want someone to Cook or wash for you. Be the helper to one another.
∆ Don't marry because you want children. You can have a great marriage without children. In the Bible it's written that I will separate you from your parents and live with your partner happily. Did he talk about children?
Marry out of love and companionship. In marriage/ relationship a lot happens, some people become disabled due to several circumstances, others become job less but if your marriage/relationship is based on love, it will be more concretized or strong.
∆ Before going to church ensure that you know the purpose. Going to worship without knowing the purpose, it's good as sleeping the all day.
If you're in a relationship without progress just move on. Don't expect your partner to change for the better after marriage. If he or she has failed to change the behavior whilst dating, don't tie the knots. Moreover, marriage is something permanent.
Have a blessed day!

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