Saturday, 14 April 2018

Lady who was nearly scammed 75k shares her story(photos)

A young lady has just taken to social media to call out a man identified as Kingsley Obinna who wanted to scam her. She revealed that he told her stories of how he lost his wife in an accident and now taking care of his 8-year-old daughter.
The lady who was identified as Samaria Diala took to her Facebook profile to share pictures of the young man and narrated how he tried to defraud her. He scammed her after they agreed to date each other.
Diala disclosed that after the man agreed to come visit her in Enugu, he faked a call disclosing he accidentally hit a pregnant woman and has been arrested by the police. He then asked her to send the sum of N75,000.
Her ost reads: “Hi friends please be careful of this guy, stories behind his late wife and his 8-year old daughter seeking for love she left behind. He came chatting me up with stories of how he lost his wife in an accident when his daughter was 2-year-old. He claimed he is being careful in terms of making choice of the next woman to call wife. He got me into talking to the fake child of his , her words were so touching also that of the grandma .He later claimed at some point to be in Nigeria ,that they would pay me a visit. On the agreed date of the visit from Enugu, he claimed to have ran down a pregnant woman crossing the road on his way coming. He rang me with siren blowing on the background and even claimed police got him arrested. So he needed money to pay the doctor as deposit before he would be allowed to continue with his trip. As the doctor assured him the victim will survive so far he deposits N75,000. He later called me with the request I make the transfer as he isn’t allowed to leave the station. Well I knew he was a scam from when he gave an old woman the phone to speak with me. He fled after I made him understand I know what the time says. Please ladies beware of such scam they now come in different ways! His numbers are +19093755502 and 09065509968 please share that no one falls victim.
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She also shared another post saying: “Just because you forgive a person doesn’t mean you have to be around them or let them be around you….accept the fact that some people are not for you…MOVE ON for there is a blessing waiting for you. (As the spirit directs to whom it may concern) natural me.
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