Thursday, 19 April 2018

Two women caught stealing in Anambra state got apprehended

Two women who were reportedly caught red handed today, stealing a bag of money at Bethel Plaza, Onitsha, Anambra State, were reportedly beaten and paraded by the mob which gathered
Few months ago, a prostitute, who gave her name as Ifeoma Obi was also caught and stripped Nakked by men of Onitsha vigilante service for breaking into the home of one of her regular customers, to steal some foreign currencies and imported wines.
Obi who was interviewed in Igbo during her ordeal, narrated how she broke into the man’s home to steal some Dollars and the expensive wines a few days after the victim had taken her to his house for sex. In the video posted by Igbo TV, the prostitute said she knew where the owner of the house kept the Dollars and after keeping watch for him to go out, she sneaked into the house to steal.
The men who caught her made sure she was stripped Nakked, beaten and seriously disgraced before she was handed over to the police.
We also reported few months ago that a lady identified as Tamara, was disgraced after she was caught stealing cosmetics and other items at a supermarket in Lagos.
The suspect who was caught by eagle eyed security men at a branch of the Old English Supermarket in the metropolis, was said to be one of those ladies who go to social media to post expensive items they either bought or got as presents from their boyfriends.
However upon being caught stealing from the shop and during interrogation, she allegedly confessed to being a habitual shoplifter who goes into shops and while pretending to shop, end up stealing items which she later posts on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, claiming she bought them.

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