Friday, 13 April 2018

27 yr old over weight Woman begs for money online, See reas

A controversial ‘My 600lb Life participant’ is trying to raise $50,000 to get the ‘help’ that she needs after gaining nearly 50lbs and blocking her doctor’s number during her appearance on the show.
Schenee Murry, 27, from Indianapolis, Indiana, cheated on her diet and watched her weight soar from 665lbs to 712lbs while trying get approved for life-saving weight loss surgery in Houston, Texas. After skipping her doctor’s appointments and required therapy sessions, she quit the show eight months into filming.
Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s former weight loss patient slammed him in a Facebook video just one day before she launched a Go Fund Me page that has earned a mere $20 at the time of publication.
Fans of the show were outraged when they saw Schenee lying to Dr. Nowzaradan about cheating on her diet after he confronted her with an empty pizza box at the hospital, but she is still claiming that she didn’t eat it.
In her Facebook post, Schenee announced that she was still in Houston despite no longer being a part of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program.
‘What’s good y’all. I’m still in Houston. I don’t know what everybody’s going crazy for, but let me tell you this — I don’t fall for no man but God. And no, I didn’t eat the pizza and don’t worry about what the bleach is for,’ she said, prompting her husband Freddie to chime in to say the pizza was his.

‘I ate that motherf*****g pizza b***h. It was me,’ he said. She ain’t touch none of that so doc. You heard it from the man himself.’
Just one day later, Schenee launched her Go Fund Me page, claiming her ‘true story was not told.’
‘Im raising this money for a great cause i was dragged to Houston Texas to get humiliated on national tv an i have been struggling every since for everything i have a lot of hopes an dreams an one is to get better i don’t only have weight problems i have other health problems that’s just over looked so im team schenee with a great husband God has blessed us this far [sic],’ she wrote.
Schenee’s original post was later edited to explain that she felt her ‘true story was not told’ due to ‘heavy editing’ on the show. Despite the update, it is still unclear how she intends on using the $50,000 she is trying to raise.

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