Thursday, 31 May 2018

Mapoly Female Student dies after giving birth to twins

A final year student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State, identified as Olatundun Alexander Borokinni allegedly lost her life during childbirth on Monday.
It was gathered that the deceased was an HND 2 Student of the Department of Computer Science, she went into labour on Monday afternoon and was rushed to the hospital.
However, Alexander delivered a set of twins but she had some complications, she was later referred to Federal Medical Centre, FMC Idi-aba, Abeokuta for follow up treatment, but on their way to the hospital the car that conveyed the lady reportedly broke down, which resulted to some delay in their transit.
It was later reported that another vehicle came to their rescue but, at that time I guess it was too late as Alexander had already give up the ghost. May her soul rest in peace.
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8 year old boy dies after Petrol Burns (photos)

An 8-year old boy has died after he and his younger brother decided to burn the refuse packed in their compound with petrol. The two got burnt severally in the process, but the elder one, who also happens to be the first son of the family gave up the ghost. Facebook user, Chioma Uzoh shared the sad story.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Uniqueness of a cat which you never knew

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The story of tunde(truelife story)

Tunde graduated to be the best and finest
surgeon in the world. At age 30, he became
The joy of marrying a medical doctor attracted
Bisi, his wife, to him.
After the few weeks leave he was given from
work, he hardly spent some quality time with his
Their relationship began to go sour.
Not that he's flirting around with other ladies.
Not that he now had a bad friend. But, at his
work place, he was seen as TOO IMPORTANT.
Every patients wants him. The nurses love him
to handle all the surgeries at hand.
One day, he got home very early from work. The
wife was glad that he was at least early today.
Just as he was dropping his briefcase, his phone
rang and the following conversation went on.
Nurse: Sir, we need you now at the hospital. We
have an emergency.
Tunde: I'm on my way.
The wife was angry with him. As usual, he told
her, "Sorry".
This went on for so long.
But one unfortunate day, he had an accident.
He died!
The other doctors and surgeons mourned him.
They gave his wife cash to take care of herself.
But, can money replace love?
Can some 'kudi' replace a whole man?
You know the answer...
Not too long after, the wife went to that same
hospital for some check up.
She was shocked to see someone in her
husband's former post. Not only that, she heard
someone calling the new surgeon as the best in
that town.
She wept bitterly...
Do you know you are replaceable?
Do you know you are NOT too important?
Do you know someone else can do better than
what you are doing or what you can do?
Do you know you are cherished now just
because you can still perform your rite?
Do you know you are celebrated because you
are available and useful?
No one's saying you should not help out. No
one's saying you should not be a celebrity. No
one's saying you should not help others. No
one's saying you should be selfish.
Take time to rest. Take time to relax. Spend
time with yourself
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The proposal of life, our greatest mistakes

Day the husband
made the
following proposal to his wife:
Honey, I will leave the house: I
will travel faraway,
get a job and work hard in order
to come back
and give you the comfortable
life that you
deserve. I do not know how long
I will stay away,
I only ask one thing, please wait
for me, and while
I am away, you should be
faithful to me, because
I will be faithful to you. His wife
agreed, so the
young man left. He walked many
days until he
found a farmer who was in need
of someone to
help him. The young man
offered his services. He
was accepted. Therefore he
discussed the terms
with his boss:
Let me work for as long as I
want and when I
think I should go home, please
relieve me of my
duties. I do not want to receive
my salary. I ask
you to save it for me, until the
day I leave. The
day I decide to go, please give
me the money and
I will go my way. They agreed
on that. So, the
young man worked for twenty
years without
holiday and without rest. After
twenty years, he
came to his boss and said:
Boss, I want my money, because
I am returning to
my home. The boss replied:
All right, after all, I made a deal
with you and I
will stick to it. However, before
you go I want to
offer you something new: I will
give you all your
money and send you away; or I
will give you 3
pieces of advice and send you
away. If I give you
money, you lose the 3 pieces of
advice. If I give
you the 3 pieces of advice, you
lose the money.
Now, go to your room and think
about your
answer. He thought for two
days. Then he went
to the boss and told him:
I want the 3 pieces of advice.
The boss stressed
again, if I give you the 3 pieces
of advice, I will
not give you the money, and the
man replied:
I want the 3 pieces of advice.
The boss then told
No. 1: Never take shortcuts in
your life, shorter
and unknown paths can cost
your life. No. 2:
Never be too curious, for
curiosity towards evil
can be deadly. No. 3: Never make
decisions in
moments of anger or pain,
because when you
repent, it could be too late. After
giving these 3
pieces of advice, the boss said to
Here, you have 3 loaves of
bread, 2 are for you to
eat during the journey and the
last is for you to
eat with your wife when you get
home. So, the
man went his way, after twenty
years away from
home and from his wife, whom
he loved so much.
After the first day of travel, he
found a man who
greeted him and asked:
Where are you going? He replied:
To a distant place which is about
20 days away if
I continue walking. The man said
to him:
Ol' boy, this path is too long! I
know a shortcut
that is very safe and you will
arrive in 5 days
only. The man began to follow
the path
suggested until he remembered
the first piece of
advice. Then, he returned and
followed the long
path. Days later he learned that
the shortcut led
to an ambush.
After a few more days of travel,
he found an inn
by the roadside, where he could
rest. He paid for
a room and after taking a bath
he lay down to
sleep. During the night he woke
up as he heard a
terrifying scream. He rose to his
feet and went to
the door to check what
happened. As he was
opening the door, he
remembered the second
piece of advice. Therefore he
returned, lay down
again and slept. At dawn, after
breakfast, the
owner of the lodging asked him
if he had not
heard the scream at night. He
affirmed that he
heard. Then, the host said:
Were you not curious to see
what happened? And
he replied:
No, I was not. Then the host said:
You are the first guest to leave
this inn alive. My
neighbour is completely crazy.
He usually shouts
at night to call someone’s
attention. When some
of the guests come out, he kills
them and buries
their bodies in the backyard. The
man continued
his long journey, eager to arrive
After many days and nights
walking, he was very
tired, but he finally saw his
house far away. It
was night. He saw some light
coming out of the
window of his house and was
able to see the
silhouette of his wife. But he also
saw that she
was not alone. He came closer
and saw there
was a man with her. She softly
caressed his hair.
When he saw that scene, his
heart was filled with
hatred and bitterness. He
decided to rush at and
kill them both mercilessly.
However, he took a
deep breath and he remembered
the third piece of
advice. Then he stopped,
reflected and decided to
sleep outside that night. He slept
in the midst of
the bushes, determined to make
a decision the
next day. At dawn, he was
calmer and thought:
I will not kill my wife and her
lover. I am going
back to my boss to ask him to
take me back. But
before I go, I want to tell my
wife that I have
always been faithful to her.
He went to the front door and
knocked. When his
wife opened the door and
recognized him, she
cried and embraced him warmly.
He tried to push
her away, but he
was not able. Then, with tears in
his eyes he told
I was faithful to you but you
betrayed me.
She was shocked, so she replied:
How did I betray you? I have
never betrayed you.
I waited patiently for you for
twenty good years.
Then he asked:
How about the man that you
were caressing
yesterday? And she said:
That man is your son. When you
left, I discovered
I was pregnant. Today he is
twenty years old.
Hearing that, the man asked her
forgiveness. He
met and hugged his son. Then he
told them all
the things he had experienced
while away.
Meanwhile, his wife prepared
some coffee for
them to eat together, the last
bread given by his
boss. After a prayer of
thanksgiving, he broke the
bread. When he looked at it, he
found all his
money inside. In fact, there was
even more than
the right payment for his twenty
years of
dedication and hard work.
Friends, our God is like this boss.
When he asks
us to make a sacrifice, he wants
to give us more
than what we give Him. He
wants us to have His
unique wisdom as well as the
material blessings.
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 Pls share with teens, youth and Group Chats that care to read and be Enlightened.
Welcome to Nigerian campuses where little girls are practising 'wifely functions'!
Just visit the boys' hostels and you would be disappointed to find out that it is now common for a girl to live in with a course mate. It is now common for her lover to give her the popular compliment 'you look sexy my gal' and she would gladly reply 'thank you honey' with a flirty voice and a romantic smile.
Who is her lover?
A 300 level student whose CGPA is barely up to 1.78! And they are aiming for the next best couple award for the session by the departmental association. So, the girl need to live in with him to prepare along.
What nonsense! It seems that some girls
suddenly loose their senses immediately they
gain admission. I've seen that some of them
have no more sense of caution, honour and
dignity. They would change their wardrobes and acquire a new set of make ups just to look
'campussy' and sexy enough for the guys. In
months, they would start sleeping around with
little boys. I mean boys who collect pocket
money from their uncles! Dirty boys who most
of the time are infected with sexually
transmitted diseases. Hey! I want you to know
that you were sent to school to obtain a degree
not a disease. The campus is called a school;
school not sex! You are on 0campus to receive
education not ejaculation. You are here to
master the use of a pen not the pleasures of a
penis. Wake up girl! Do some thinking. Your
future is greater than the 'best couple award'.
You cook for a boy you are more intelligent than.
You give your virginity to a boy who will
definitely leave you after graduation. You play
wife to a boy who cannot even care for himself.
Oh, you have given too much. Enough! Open
your eyes! Can't you see you're being foolish?
You are passing through the fears of unwanted
pregnancies yet you are opening your legs to a
coward who cannot stand before your father.
And when you eventually get pregnant, he
would brutally advise you to abort it and you
would timidly agree; then face the consequences later. What a shame! You may master the use of condoms but you can't master the punishment of your conscience.
Don't you know you are bringing shame to your
family? Don't you know that you are cursing your mother by accepting to sleep with a boy (not even a man) without her consent?
I cautioned a girl against sleeping around and she replied 'Sheddy, I don't sleep around; its only one boyfriend I have and am faithful to him'. What impunity! That's classified harlotry. And don't you know that sleeping with a man without your father's blessings is bringing a curse to your future?
What happened to your cultural values?
Somewhere in your heart you know he would
use you and dump you; so why are you setting
up yourself for a heartbreak? I want to remind
you that you are a lady and one day you may get married. And your husband would know that you are such a dirty bitch who sleeps with
anything on trousers. The greatest gift a lady
would give to her husband on the wedding night is her virginity less lost it out of (rape) not the certificate of best couple of the year on campus!
The other gifts for the rest of her life are her
care and character not her curves and
complexion! Real men know this; so, get it
screwed in!
Those treacherous boys would call you 'sexy'
and you would answer? Oh, sorry! They touch
your breast and you would smile? They would
ask you out and you would oblige? Oh, you are
indeed a mistake. Am not saying that you should be rude or never live a 'social life' but I want you to think deeper than you are currently doing. I want to turn your attention back to your books.
You are not in school for breast exhibition. So,
pay less attention to those boobs and give more attention to your books! You are not in school for cat walking show. You are rather here to show us the dignity of womanhood. You are here to prove to us that you are costly. So, why make yourself so cheap?
I am writing this with both love and pain in my
heart and that's why am sounding stern. I know
about two girls now that have been living with
their boyfriend since year one and as it is now
they can't even even count how many abortions
they had for that same boy at sch bae it's now like a normal thing to them, the last one she did
almost took her life and that made her bleed for
4months, imagine how you do feel with ordinary 4 days of menstruation left alone living with it for months.. As a matter of fact one of them have damaged her fallopian tube due to excessive use of contraceptives she has taken to prevent pregnancy. I want you to look beyond now and think of what advise you would give your own daughter when you become a mother. I hope I have not offended you...if I have, please repent.
To the decent girls I have seen on campus: do
not be swayed by these evil. Be consistent and
keep celebrating your purity. I am always proud
of you. And God is more proud of you. Please
share this message with all our youths and our teens.
Thanks. Pls share with teens, youth and Group Chats that care to read..!! I've done mine👈👈👈
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The success of a young man

A young man was
getting ready to
graduate from
college. For many
months he had
admired a beautiful
sports car in a
dealers showroom,
and knowing his
father could well
afford it, he told him
that was all he
As Graduation Day
approached, the
young man awaited
signs that his
father had purchased
the car. Finally, on
the morning of his
graduation, his father
called him into his
private study, told
him how proud he
was to have such a
fine son, and how
much he loved him.
He handed him a
beautifully wrapped
gift box.
Curious, but
disappointed, the
young man opened
the box and
found a lovely,
leather-bound Bible,
with his name
in gold.
Angrily, he raised his
voice to his father
and said,"With all
your money you give
me a Bible?" He
stormed out of the
house, leaving the
Bible behind.
Many years passed
and the young man
was very successful in
business. He had a
beautiful home and
wonderful family, but
realized his father
was very old. He
thought perhaps he
should go to him.He
had not seen him
since that graduation
But before he could
make arrangements,
he received a
telegram telling him
his father had passed
away, and willed all
of his possessions to
him. He needed to
come home
immediately and take
care of things.
When he arrived at
his father's house,
sadness and regret
filled his heart. He
began to search
through his father's
important documents
and saw the Bible,
new,just as he had
left it years ago.
With tears, he
opened the Bible and
began to turn the
pages. His father had
carefully underlined a
verse, Matt 7:11,
"And if ye, being evil,
how to give good
gifts to your children,
how much more shall
your Heavenly Father
which is in Heaven,
give to those who ask
As he read those
words, a car key
dropped from the
back of the Bible.It
had a tag with the
dealers name, the
same dealer who had
the sports car he had
On the tag was the
date of his
graduation, and the
How many times do
we miss God's
blessings because
they are not
packaged as we
If this touched your
heart, please pass it
Please read b4 u go
home or u are at
home already,read
this to the end. My
name is God. You
hardly have time for
me. I love you and
alwys bless u. I am
always with you. I
need you to spend
30mins of your time
with Me today. Don't
pray. Just praise.
Today I want this
message across the
world before
midnight. Will you
help ? Please do not
cut it and I'll help
you with something
that you are in need
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By *Aleonokhua Abraham Oshioke*

On Tuesday 22nd May, the Catholic church in Nigeria embarked on a nation wide peaceful protest. To commiserate with the two priest and parishioners who where brutally murdered by Fulani herdsmen in Benue state. The protest was also a way to register their displeasure about the incessant killings going on the country and the perceived clueless ways the government is going about it.

Before I continue, I want to state categorically that *I am a born Catholic and a practicing one.* And also to say that whatever I write here is a product of my thinking and what I feel should be.

It should be noted that the letter the CBCN sent to the presidency passing a vote of no confidence on him and  the attendant declaration of a peaceful protest came at a wrong time.

Does it mean the church has been blind to all the political killings, kidnapping, nepotism, and bad governance that has bedeviled this country?

*It has to take the blood of two priests to wake up the Church and her leaders from her slumber?*

What this translate to is that *the Church would have still be quiet if those priest weren't murdered.*

At this junction I have to declare in part *"... oh happy fault, o necessary sin of Adam..."*

The church need to realise that they are the *voice of the voiceless in these times*

Silence is consent. The Church should shun her age long obvious silence and speak up in times of trouble. Another priest does not need to die before they realise this.

As a matter of fact, the Church should begin sanitisation of her members.

*Members who do not have PVC should be denied holy communion,matrimony should not be conducted for those who don't have PVC, infant baptism should not be given to children of parents who do not have PVC.* Yes it has gotten to that. You can not baptise a child whose future is not secured in this country.

The Church should as a matter of urgency field a candidate in the coming presidential election. *What stops a priest or a bishop from contesting as a president of this country? After all he has nothing to loose. No cabal to please.*

Priest should start to take active part in governance. Preaching about good governance from the pulpit alone is no longer enough.

Until the Church takes up drastic measures, the peaceful protest will amount to nothing.


*Spread the message.*
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The power of love over man

I have discovered that love doesn't guarantee the success of a relationship. Love cannot help you stick to one person all years round, and on the other hand, cheating isn't always a product of not loving your partner.

 In fact, loving someone doesn't guarantee not falling in love with someone else.
Relationships work out mostly because of our head not our heart.

 It works out because of our emotional maturity, empathetic intelligence and self discipline because, time will come when you'll see more beautiful, handsome, romantic, intelligent, sexy, rich, curvy and God fearing people than the one you're in a relationship with.

In those times, love will not help you; self control will help you, emotional intelligence will come to your rescue and commitment will keep you going.

With those characteristics, no matter how you feel for someone else, the person you're committed to will rank first in your life.

You think happily married people don't see better people than the ones they married? You think they don't feel funny sometimes? You think they don't catch feelings? They do!

But understanding that commitment is greater than feelings is the great arsenal that do destroy that impulse.

You can fall in love with anyone, but building a relationship takes absolutely more than what attracted you to them and takes more than love.

We are too fond of loving when it's convenient and sweet. We are too fond of loving when love is there but that can only last for just the first 3-6 months of the relationship.

 After then, you'll realise that the feelings have dropped, it's now your responsibility to make it work, not love's responsibility.

Relationships cannot be readymade. You have to build it and it's never always about love, it requires commitment and intelligence.

 On the long run in marriages, it's not just love that keeps them together forever, it's determination and commitment.

Everyone falls in love; it takes little or no effort to do that. But staying in love? Building a relationship? Only the strong and committed ones do that.

That's why we must find that one person and commit to that one, discipline yourself  bridle your emotions.

Building a relationship is hard work, it's like building a career, It's like pursuing a dream.

It's  always tough, at some point it will be so bitter but you can make it work by putting your heads together, you can scale through the trying time by being focus and committed.

The kind of love that attracts two people together is not the kind of love that will keep them together. Be emotionally strong and be self disciplined.

Please imbibe and share with the young adults, married and unmarried couples.
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Poisonous snake that can kill hundreds with one drop of venom called killed in lekki

Cool FM OAP N6 has made an unsettling revelation. He said the Island Taipan snake which is the second deadliest snake in the world, has been spotted in large numbers in Lagos.
The Island Taipan snake can kill hundreds of people with just one drop of its venom. N6 painted a dangerous scenario where the snake spits into a water source. This could cause massive deaths.
Sharing a photo of the snake on Instagram, N6 wrote:
His revelation has caused panic among Lekki residents on social media. Whereas non-residents of Lekki have taken advantage of the situation to gloat and throw jabs at residents of Lekki and its environs.
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Ella Washington an 89-Year-Old Woman With 12 Children Graduates From University(photos)

Age didn’t hold Ella Washington back. When she celebrates her 90th birthday soon, she’ll be doing so as a college graduate in the US.
Few college graduates have experienced all that Ella Washington has experienced. At the age of 89 years old, she’s lived through the Great Depression, World War II and the moon landing, among many other key moments in history. And on Saturday, she became Liberty University’s oldest graduate, earning her associate degree in interdisciplinary studies.
Even while putting her 12 children through school by working full time, she never gave up on her dreams of continuing her education. Growing up in a rural North Carolina during the 1930s, Washington dropped out of school in the sixth grade to work on the family farm. But when she got married and had children of her own, she wanted to make sure they received a proper education.
“She has always been a lifelong learner,”Washington’s daughter Ellen Mitchell told Liberty News. “Her desire for learning and for pursuing an education became a family tradition. She taught all of her children how to read, write and do math prior to their beginning school, just as her grandmother taught her and her siblings.”
At age 49, Washington earned her GED diploma after completing an adult education program. But her main desire was to go to college, and so, in 2012, she enrolled in Liberty’s online program. And there’s no stopping her now. She says she plans to keep working toward a bachelor’s degree in history at Liberty, located in Lynchburg, Va.
“To me, history is a great subject,” she told Liberty News.“Everybody should know their history and learn more about it. A lot of people don’t know much about history. There’s nothing wrong with learning more.”
She added, “Education will help you make the best life for yourselves and those who come after you.”
In addition to Washington, more and more older adults are going back to college — and often back to a community college thanks to their affordability, convenient locations and ease of access. Often, community colleges allow you to sign up for a course or two to learn or sharpen certain skills. Or you can earn an associate degree in fields such as nursing, accounting and web design.
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Monday, 28 May 2018

Another 3 yahoo boys got arrested in lagos

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Lagos zonal office, has arrested three suspected Internet fraudsters for conspiracy and possession of fraudulent documents.
The suspects-Sylvester Osolase,whose age is 30; Seyi Ajayi, whose age is 36 and Monday Mayaki,whose age is 37 were arrested on Sunday, May 27, 2018 at River View Estate, Isheri North, Lagos State, following intelligence report received by the Commission about their activities.
The suspects, who were dealing in romance and classified scams, confessed to have defrauded several unsuspecting victims around the world.
They also confessed to have used proceeds of their illicit deals to buy cars, paid their rents and travel around the world.
Items found on the suspects include laptops, cars, mobile phones and incriminating documents that were printed from their emails.
The suspects will soon be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.
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A lady was flogged 48 times by a pastor in order to get a husband

A 39-year old native of Orlu in Imo State, Princess Josephine Uloma, Sunday broke down in tears before a large congregation at a popular prophetic church in Asaba as she told sad stories of her search for a life partner, including how she received 48 strokes of the cane from a self-acclaimed man of God in her quest.
A 39-year old native of Orlu in Imo State, Princess Josephine Uloma, Sunday broke down in tears before a large congregation at a popular prophetic church in Asaba as she told sad stories of her search for a life partner, including how she received 48 strokes of the cane from a self-acclaimed man of God in her quest.
The spinster, who said she was rejected by several suitors over inexplicable “spirit of limitations and anger” told the crowd of worshippers that for fifteen years she was infested with the “spirit of limitations, anger; demonic measures” that took her to a fake man of God where she was beaten up and flogged 48 strokes by the pastor in charge of the church.
She told Daily Post that, “trouble started when I turned down a marriage offer from a suitor who hailed from Enugu State. Few months later, I found myself in an unbridled anger and querulous manners. I started beating up men whoever ask my hand in marriage. Any man who comes near me I will beat him up”.
In a fit of uncontrollable tears, Uloma, who was dressed in a French suit at the altar of the church, said: “My life is full of testimonies, I rejected an offer of marriage from a suitor who hailed from Enugu State, and after few months, my trouble started, I was taken to several churches including one of the Pentecostal churches around Ezenei Avenue where I was flogged 48 strokes of cane by the pastor. And after I slept for twenty minutes, I took on the pastor, beat him up silly and forced him to eat from the sand”.
Speaking further, she explained that all she was doing within the period of the fifteen years were not immediately known to her until she was delivered by the prophet in charge of the church in Asaba.
Uloma, who denied that alcohol or Indian hemp was the cause of her problem, said: “My parents during the process thought I did not want to marry. They organized a man who came from London to marry me, and when we got there I beat him up after a minor quarrel, and I was arrested and deported to Nigeria, I later realized I was not myself when I came into Nigeria before I was introduced to King’s Chapel”.
She stated that since her deliverance, she has had over 120 suitors asking her hands in marriage, adding that all the suitors are currently being screened by God.
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Guys and Ladies of Nowadays Depend on S*x & Money

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Wownaija Meme: Life's unfair

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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Man Attempted to butcher his wife and mother in law, see the shocking reason

This Mr Iyen Igiebor who attempted to decapitate his wife and mother in-law in Ikpoba Hill of Benin City following the wife's decision to move away from the abusive relationship.

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Mass comm final year student got engaged with Range Rover on her birthday as ASSURANCE(photos)

A final year student is beyond ecstatic after she received two outstanding gifts on her birthday.
Lovely Nkemjika Chukwuma couldn't explain her happiness yesterday when she not only got engaged but also received a Range Rover SUV as her birthday gift.
The beautiful final year mass comm student is seen in the video jumping around her white coloured new whip shouting as loud as she can to express her excitement.
Her video which was shared by amebowithamacutiex, has the caption,
Nkemjika Chukwuma can say yesterday was the happiest day of her life, her boyfriend (now fiancé) surprised her with an engagement ring and RANGE ROVER as assurance on her birthday , love is a beautiful thing ❤❤ congratulations
Watch her below:

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Man shocked after seeing couples who begged him 3yrs ago still begging (photos)

According to a social media user,he met this couples 3yrs ago begging to save their dying son, he gave them N25k, now yesterday he spotted them again, begging on same reason.
Screenshot below.
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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Terrible Accident In Onitsha As Car Burns(viewers discretion)

A terrible accident has claimed the lives of many in Onitsha.It is unclear how it happened but it appears that one of the vehicles involved caught fire.
See photos below

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Friday, 25 May 2018

When you take tramadol for the first time, this is the outcome (photo)

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Breaking News 2 dead & 5 others injured after a trailer lost control at jattu junction

Reports reaching us that a Horrible accident which occurred today by 3pm has left the people of Jattu in a shocked mode after a speeding trailer lost it's brake and swapping a bikeman and a gulf to it's unconsciousness.
 2 people has been confirmed dead and 5 others injured

Photos below

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Funny WAEC Question 2018(Just for fun)


Section A:
1. In what year did a senator jump out of a moving vehicle?

a). 2013
b). 2020
c). 2018
d). 2019.

2. What is the name of the senator that jumped out of a moving vehicle?

a). Dino Monkey
b). Dino Jaguar
c). Dino Melaye
d). Dino Jumper

3. Which Nigerian President used a private jet of a pastor to move Millions of Dollars to South Africa?

a). Shagari
b). Buhari
c). Obasanjo
d) Jonathan

4. Which minister of Goodluck Jonathan turned to an ATM?

a) Obanikoro
b) Metuh
c) Dasuki
d) Fani-Kayode

5. Which is the most Richest Nigerian First Lady in history?

a) Mariam Babangida
b) Stella Obasanjo
c) Patience Jonathan
d) Aishat Buhari

6. Which Nigerian President tried to contest for a Third term?

a) Obasanjo
b) Yaradua
c) Buhari
d) Jonathan

7. Which Nigerian President is good in writing letters?

a) Obasanjo
b) Yaradua
c) Buhari
d) Jonathan

8. Which Nigerian President can be credited to this catch-phrase “Stealing is not Corruption”?

a) Obasanjo
b) Yaradua
c) Buhari
d) Jonathan

9. Which Nigerian First Lady can be credited to this catch-phrase “Na only you waka come”?

a) Mariam Babangida
b) Stella Obasanjo
c) Patience Jonathan
d) Aishat Buhari

10. Which Nigerian President can be credited to this catch-phrase “If Nigeria did not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria”?

a) Obasanjo
b) Yaradua
c) Buhari
d) Jonathan

11) Who made the statement "Nigerian Youth
 are Lazy"

a) Obasanjo
b) Yaradua
c) Tinubu
d) Buhari

Section B:
ESSAY: Choose from below and write 1200words.

a) If you jump out of a moving vehicle,  sustained injuries and being rushed to the hospital, with the aid of a diagram explain why you think you won't be rearrested?

b) GEJ: Stealing is not Corruption, True or False!

c) Between Dino and Metuh who rocks it BETTER. No sentiments Pls??

d) Explain with Example why Nigerian Youth should not be called Lazy Youth.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Man Crushed To Death By Truck In Fatal Accident In Lagos(Graphical Photo at viewers discretion)

A terrifying incident which occurred yesterday at Mile 2 expressway in Lagos – claimed the life of a man. The man was crushed to death by a truck following an accident with a commercial bus popularly known as ‘Danfo’. The victim whose body bled to the death and died on the spot after the accident – was evacuated by emergency officials.
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This makeup transformation of a lady whose face was disfigured by fire will live you shocked

Makeup Artist Lamari just transformed a burnt survivor into a beauty goddess, after giving her a face beat, The lady who suffered burnt from a candle fire is gradualy recognizable after the makeup.. You could barely see the scar, Lots of work must have gone down there.
See her post below!

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See how this man earns 10k daily(photos)

A 51-year-old man identified as Mr, Abiodun Adeleye has been arrested by the enforcement team of the Lagos State Task Force to have impersonated himself as an official of the Agency and extorted N3,000 from innocent motorist under Mile 12 bridge.
He was arrested under Mile 12 bridge after he had illegally arrested owner of a Toyota Camry car and collected N3000 as bribe.
Mr. Abiodun Adeleye claimed to have started 10 months ago extorting money from innocent motorists around ketu to Mile 12 area and that he made N5000 to N10000 daily from this illegal acts.
The Agency recovered a Motorola GP 340 security walkie-talkie from him
Members of the public are hereby enjoined to be vigilant about activities of these touts particularly traffic officials of Local Government illegally enforcing the Lagos State Road Traffic Law of 2012.
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Linda Ikeji is pregnant for a married man, True or False (trending comment)

A particular comment has been trending on social media about Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy being a married man, who is also the owner of broadway TV.
The comment came about during the many tirades between Linda Ikeji and Kemi Olunloyoover Linda’s pregnancy being fake and how Linda once helped Kemi.
We are also not sure about this comment, but in every lie there’s always an iota of truth.
See the comment below :

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policeman has been shot dead by armed robbers while returning from work in Umuahia

A policeman has been allegedly shot dead by unknown armed robbers while returning from work in Umuahia.His friend Ibrahim who shared the news online....wrote:
'Rest in peace inspector  monogram.  Until his death he was  uncharge of gazzete unit of the sars mobilising unit.  He was killed by some sets of armed robbers on his way coming back  from umuahia  on Ivsd  inspection! 
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