Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Driver speeds off without making payment after buying 1,000 litres of diese l

A 43 year old Zimbabwean man has been arrested after he allegedly sped off after buying 1,000 litres of diesel without making payment.
According to reports, the man who has been identified as Chirunga used swift and fraudulent means to receive the gas and escaped making payment.
Driver speeds off after buying 1,000 litres of diesel without making payment lailasnews
It was gathered that Chirunga was driving a Toyota Dyna truck with a fuel tank on its trailer and told the attendant, Siyakurima that he wanted to fill the tank with diesel and that payments would be done after they had a full price of the amount of diesel.
He then proceeded to answer a call pretending to talk to a person who was his supposed boss and said he (the boss) would cover the diesel cost.
The customer’s supposed boss then sent a fake confirmation of payment to Siyakurima who did not thoroughly check the authenticity of the proof of payment he had received and Chirunga immediately drove away from the scene, transferring the tank to another vehicle in a bid to conceal the offence.
The matter then came to light when Siyakurima’s boss was making daily reconciliations and discovered the negligence at duty which exposed that $1,317 could not be accounted for, which reflected that Chirunga did not pay for the fuel which prompted his immediate arrest
He has since been released on $100 bail and ordered to continue residing at his current address and not interfere with witnesses.
Chirunga will be back in court on August 7.

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