Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Episode 2:
Written by #MR. PRESH
There was a thunderous clap and soliloquy on the assembly ground after Miss Vivian introduced herself. Seeing that, she stepped backward with a charming smile added to the visible dimples on her cheek.
However, among the SS3 students, only Henry wasn't clapping rather his hands rested inside his pockets. Beside him was his friend, Jerry, who suddenly stopped clapping after seeing him so quiet.
"Why aren't you clapping. You should be happy we have a beautiful lady as a Biology teacher"
Henry took a long look at Jerry but averted his eyes and adjusted his eyesglasses. "She has started charming students with her beauty already." he thought but turned to Jerry again who tapped his shoulder.
"Bro, talk to me"
"I have nothing to say, Jerry" Henry concluded.
At the female line, Joyce and Mary
rejoiced like every other students. It was like a culture for students to clap after an introduction by a new teacher, so it wasn't a big deal for the girls to participate on that.
"I guess she's good" Joyce said looking at Mary. "Also, she's beautiful"
"Beautiful?" Mary glanced at Miss Vivian again. "Yeah, she is" she confirmed it with a smile.
The assembly ended happily. An office was given to Miss Vivian which she entered wearing a yellow tight skirt that made the shape of her undies visible. She also wore white longsleeve shirt that was tucked-in properly in the skirt. The size of her breasts was nothing to write home about. They weren't too big neither were they too small standing firmly. After looking around the office, she stepped out to the entrance just to see Mary and Joyce entering into their classroom. "Hey, both of you should come, please"
The two girls happily went to her and that drew Henry's attention from his noisy classroom. He watched through the window how Miss Vivian smiled along with them asking them questions until they finally entered into the office.
Nevertheless, inside the office, Miss Vivian said, "Look at a broom over there, pick it and start sweeping. Just dust the office" she stepped aside watching them. She was more interested in Mary due to her beauty and figure.
After the cleaning, she sat on her chair while the girls set to go. Suddenly, a pen fell from her under the table. "Hey, Mary" she called.
"Yes, Miss" Mary returned into the office leaving Joyce outside.
"Help me pick the pen"
"Okay" Mary bent completely under the table to pick the pen but she noticed Miss Vivian opening her legs in a way she had a clear view of her white panties and amazing thighs. Therefore, she stood up instantly with the pen only to see her grinning seriously. "Here is the pen"
"Thank you" Miss Vivian collected it. "Do you like it?"
"I mean what you saw"
Mary thought for a while looking at her grinning face. "I don't know what you're talking about, Miss"
"Is okay. You can go now"
Mary went out without hesitation. She became quiet and calmed after meeting up with Joyce. She couldn't explain the meaning of what happened especially the grinning face of Miss Vivian.
Seeing her mood, Joyce asked, "Girl, what happened?"
"Nothing" she replied.
However, Henry noticed something from the window after seeing them coming out: both especially Mary wasn't as happy as she was before entering the office. Therefore he recorded it on his observation book.
Students wandered around the school premises. Nobody knew about the electric spark between the new Biology teacher and Mary except Henry who had just 10% idea about it. He also believed that the worse would soon happen in the school.
Just as he came out from his classroom, he spotted Mary sitting alone under a mango tree. Her posture was more like a rapped girl. As she wallowed in thought of Miss Vivian's initial question and attitude, Henry came standing before her with hands in his pockets, so she straightened up surprisingly.
"I should be asking you that, Mary. What is your problem?"
Mary smiled. Everybody in the school knew Henry as someone who doesn't have time for girls, so she didn't want to believe that he had suddenly developed feelings for her by showing concern about her well being.
As a smart student, Henry read her mind and said, "I'm not interested in you or have any emotional feelings for you. So don't get me wrong"
"Then why are you here?" Mary frowned.
"Can i ask you a question?"
"If a child goes into a room happily and comes out sadly, what do you think would be the cause of the sadness?"
"Something must have happened in the room which the child didn't expect or like" Mary replied as an afterthought.
"Exactly!" Henry brought his hands out from his pockets and bent forward staring at her face seriously. "You entered into Miss Vivian's office happily but came out sadly. What happened inside the office?"
Mary became shocked at his question and intelligence..

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