Saturday, 14 July 2018

SARS Tortured My Cousin To Death, While I Was Busy Fighting For Nigeria’s Peace” Soldier says

A grieving Nigerian soldier who was in the northeastern part of Nigeria fighting Boko Haram terrorists has narrated how SARS tortured his cousin to death while he was away.
The soldier with the Twitter handle @jassjegs said his cousin was picked up at random with other guys and taken into custody where they were first accused him of being Yahoo boys, then of being cultists. They were tortured by SARS as they tried to get a confession out of them and his cousin died after some days of torture.
The soldier was devastated when he returned home after a long period of serving Nigeria only to be greeted with the sad news. He says he’s now tired of Nigeria and thinks he might be done.

Read his sad tweets below;
“While I was busy fighting for the peace of my country #SARS were busy torturing my cousin till Death.
Got a shocking news entering into town now.
I think am done with this country.
According to what I heard.
They were picked up at about 8:20pm by #SARS took them to custody that they are yahoo boys later said they are cult members tortured the hell out of them asking till the next day.
His mother went to the station they ask her to go bring 60K to bail/1
Just my Cousin she cried telling them she’s just a bean cake seller she don’t have such money in her position they pushed her out and threatened to lock her up when next she comes in without the Money.

She left. Call several family members to tell them what is/2
Happening before she could reach out to those who will raise such money for her was the third day. They’ve already handed over my Cousin to Anti cultism they tortured them till my cousin gave up because he’s hypertensive.
Well I rest my case here.”

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