Friday, 17 August 2018

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Crazy Rich Asians marks a pretty huge moment in Hollywood. It's the first major film to feature a predominantly Asian cast in nearly 25 years (since 1993's The Joy Luck Club). In the weeks leading up to its release, people have been rallying on social media to ensure it's a box office success. The excitement surrounding the movie is extending to other industries too: Bridal brand Floravere announced it had designed a red wedding gowninspired by Crazy Rich Asians.
Named the R. Chu (after Rachel Chu, the lead character of Crazy Rich Asians), Floravere's dress is crafted from silk mikado in a vibrant shade of red that, in traditional East Asian culture, represents good fortune and happiness, and is often worn at weddings.

r chu 2

The R. Chu is cut with a plunging V-neck in the front and an even deeper V in the back, with a slightly high-low hemline. Perhaps best of all is the fact that the gown has built-in pockets—a must for brides, since carrying your phone in your hand as you walk down the aisle would be…frowned upon. Even the hard-to-please Eleanor Sung-Young would approve.

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