Thursday, 20 September 2018

9 Engaging jokes to lighten up your day

1. Toothpicks were missing in the house, then my Mother asked our maid, and she was like: 😧it's not me, even when I use I put them back

2. Some African Parents will be like 'I will not place Curse on you, but whatever you do to me your children will do you same. Is this one a Proclaimation or a Declaration???

3. Women already have 3-5 days of loosing blood every month.
Can't mosquitoes be considerate and focus only on men.......

4. Everyone has a right to be Foolish but some Idiots use it Stupidly.
Teacher: Mention 10wild animals
Student: 5lions. 5tigers. . . . . .

5. My school teacher taught me most of the Lies I tell today, she would tell me to write a letter to my Uncle abroad when she knows my Uncle is in the Village.

6. Dating a Church Girl is the Best....I Cheat, she finds out, we pray together and blame the Devil

7. A Rapists entered a Bedroom, tied up a Husband and Wife...kissed de Wife's ear and went to the bathroom....the husband said to the wife" satisfy him or he will kill us, be strong. I luv U" wife said" he didn't kiss me, He whispered in my ear dat he is a Gay, he need Vaseline and I told him it's in the bathroom, so be strong I love U too....!!! Husband fainted

8. My mom entered my room and saw me asleep. She held my head, slapped me and said to me "Your last seen on WhatsApp was 1minute ago, stand up and go buy me bread"

9. A Man missed his wife who travelled so much that he felt the matrimonial bed was too big for just him.

So, he decided to sleep on the sofa, dining chairs and sometimes in the library. He even slept in the children's room and the guest room.

When his wife came back, she asked the maid if her husband was Sleeping well. The Maid answered 'Madam, since you left, oga has been sleeping around o!'. The woman fainted.

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