Tuesday, 25 September 2018

A heart of an eye (Episode 4)

A HEART FOR AN EYE #4 I had thought I had been into rich people's homes until I entered Jeremy's home. I tried to keep my eyes in one place but they defied me. They kept looking around at all the fascinating home equipment. I think most of those items had been imported. The gigantism and gold surrounding the dining table made me feel like royalty. My entire BC wasn't enough to buy the food they served. Actually, I didn't know most of it and I was afraid I might embarrass myself in my potential mother-in-law's presence. She had come out to meet us when we arrived. She was elated to see her only son so much she hugged him and actually kissed his cheek. She gave me a simple hi and led us into the living room. A maid and the garden boy unloaded the vehicle, taking the bags to Jeremy's bedroom. He and I sat at the table as the other house help finished up serving. I could hear Jeremy's mother giving instructions in the kitchen. Jeremy kissed my cheek and patted my shoulder. He probably realised inner me had started speaking to me again after a very long time. That Judas Iscariot! Jeremy brought up one funny story after another to distract me and it worked until his mother joined us. She kept talking to him, ignoring me. Everytime he tried to include me in their stories, she had a clever way of excluding me. She kept trying to rub it in my face that he was her boy and I had to deal with it. But she shocked me most during the meal when she asked, 'so Jeje, what time is your girlfriend coming?' She shocked Jeremy too and I could see how upset he was with her. 'Mum?' Terror was written on his face. 'Yes son?' She feigned not knowing. 'Lulu is my girlfriend.' He patted my shoulder as if telling me to calm down yet it was evident he needed to be told that more. 'I told you I was bringing my girlfriend and she's here with me. Are you alright?' 'This girl is your girlfriend?' She feigned being shocked. 'What happened to that beautiful girl you brought the other time?' 'Mum please, I told you Mazuba and I weren't together anymore. It's been over a year now.' 'Oh my God, what happened? That girl looked clean and beautiful. At least I was assured of beautiful brown grandchildren. What happened?' That was it, I wasn't going to take any more of that woman's nonsense. How dare she! She could be an MP's wife or the first lady or the queen of England for that matter but she has no right to insult me! 'Young lady, I don't know who you are or what you want but we aren't a charity organisation. I can pack you whatever food you want and give you pocket money to last you a lifetime but you can't be one of us. My son must have been drunk to choose you over Mazuba. You have nothing on her. Maybe you should-' 'Mother!!!' Jeremy roared, banging the table. I had never seen him so upset. He yelled a few more things to her but I was out of earshot by then. I ran out of the house with blurred vision. Tears were dancing in my eyes. I didn't want to cry but I didn't want to stay any longer either. I left my stilletoes in the frontyard as I ran back into school. Thank God Chudleigh wasn't so far from Campus. I ran barefoot all the way back, fighting the urge to cry. It was so strong it defied me. I fell down a few times because it was kind of dark. Everyone I met wondered what was wrong with me. I looked elegant in my Woolworth dress and make-up on fleek. I had weaved my hair like any other UNZA moma (female student). I refused to jump into the car when Jeremy caught up with me so he pulled over and joined the marathon. He was trying to explain to me that his mother might just be having a bad evening, that she's not always like that. I didn't care! Thank God everyone in my room had already left and the few that remained in other rooms were out, probably saying their goodbyes. It was the last day of the semester. My bed was still made because I wasn't leaving campus. I was to stay and take part in the inventory that would take place during the vacation. I needed whatever kind of money I could find to send home and also to use for the following semester. I didn't want to bother my parents, looking for my transport money when schools open. I wasn't a parasite. I loved making myself useful but that woman had just treated me like a tick. It shouldn't have hurt but she was the mother of the man I loved. I grabbed all the things that Jeremy had bought me and littered the corridor with them. He was standing there, not knowing what to say. 'Get your things and be gone!! I am not a begger. I just fell in love with a rich boy. I didn't even know you were rich when I noticed you in the hall. I didn't plan to love you. It just happened! I won't get insulted for loving you. Not anymore. Go, rich kid. Leave me alone. I will find a poor guy who will respect me because he will know am not with him for the money. Take your things and go.' I slammed the door in his face and leaned against it powerlessly. I had never wept so hard in my life but that's because I had never been hurt so much either. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

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