Tuesday, 25 September 2018

A heart of an Eye(Episode 2)

A HEART FOR AN EYE #2 Jeremy is the one. He had come down to me just to tell me he had gotten one digit in my contact number wrong. He said he had wanted to call and say good night but someone else had picked the call. I checked the number and found he hadn't gotten one digit wrong, he had gotten the code wrong. You see, phone numbers are just like making decisions: there's a thin line between making the right one and the wrong one. You get one thing wrong and the entire number is wrong altogether. It was past midnight and we were all alone outside the building. Jeremy was standing so close to me as he corrected my number that I could feel my virgin body respond to him of its own volition. Who's the bitch now? I couldn't believe I was so sensitive. No man had ever moved me so much. But Jeremy raised his head from the phone with a smile. 'I have the right number now. Phew!' I smiled back nervously. A cheap guy could have used me that night. He could have gotten my virginity without a hustle and walked away like a rascal. But Jeremy held his hand out to me and said good night. I thought about him all night, I think I even dreamt of my knight. Oh yes, he had already become mine, at least in my imagination. Imaginations are for free, suck it if you can't stand it. Several weeks passed before I heard from that guy that I had come to have bitter-sweet feelings for. He had gotten my number but never called ever. My anxiety had hit so many climaxes and just when I had thought it's over, I ran into him at UNZA chapel during a Chi-Alpha meeting. Apparently, he was a fellowship leader and had been unwell for some time. Those people loved him, they welcomed him warmly. My concentration on the fellowship dwindled, looking at Jeremy. I felt bad that he had been battling malaria in the hospital and I hadn't been to see him. In stead I had hated on him, thinking he's toying with my emotions. I waited to greet him after the service. Everybody wanted to have a portion of him so I sat outside, waiting. He had to cut some conversations short to be with me. He walked me to the level, where I dropped my Bible and walked him to his. All eyes were on us. I couldn't believe he wasn't ashamed to be seen around with a villager. He actually introduced me to whoever he stopped to greet. It was from those conversations that I learnt he was the UNZASU (university of Zambia Student Union) veep. Jesus Christ!! What was I doing with such an important person? I brooded until we arrived at his level, at the Vet. I was so upset with him I refused to go into his level. 'Why didn't you say you were veep?' I asked emotionally. 'When was I supposed to mention it? I fell sick that night I came to get the correct number and you never bothered to see me.' Well, I had heard the veep was unwell but then the name they called him was different. I hadn't met the veep and they called him 'Pa Mano' (roughly translates into English as 'Intelligent One). So it was Jeremy! I felt horrible and burst into tears like a little girl. Jeremy comforted me and took me into the level. It almost looked like a fully furnished house inside. I could tell he wasn't an ordinary student. There were three or four certificates of excellence hanging on the wall and naturally I understood why he was called Pa Mano. We watched a movie as he made us lunch; oh yes the veep prepared me lunch. I felt like such a v.i.p. I learnt a few more things about him during the meal. They were supposed to wow many a girl but they sank my spirit. Jeremy was the only child of the area member of parliament. I had had to force it out of him to know. People that are something in life rarely talk about themselves I found. When a person is all about I am this, I am that, I have this and that, usually they aren't much. Jeremy didn't understand why I kept getting mad every new detail of him I learnt. His life charmed many girls and he must have assumed it would charm me too. If he was going to be my man, I just knew we never were going to have privacy. First his father is a politician, and he too is a 'politician'. Well, he's the student union vice president! I loved my privacy and I wasn't going to lose it for anything. I walked out on him abruptly, pregnant with emotion. He came after me, wondering why. 'I don't want to be your friend or your anything. Stay away from me,' I told him. Jeremy had to yell to get me to listen. When he finally had my attention, he said; ' what do you want me to do, Lulu? I don't say anything, you get upset. I tell you who I am again you get upset. What do you want me to do, huh?' He was right. I didn't know what I wanted. Well, maybe I did but I didn't know how to put it. I couldn't undo his vice presidency or his father's political career. I had heard a lot about his father's credibility. If I had known Jeremy was his son, I swear I couldn't have looked at him a second time in the hall. I couldn't have allowed myself to get so excited. I told him to leave me alone but he followed me to the level. He threatened to enter if I left him alone outside. Now it was my turn to ask him what he wanted. 'I want you to be my girlfriend,' he said. My heart missed several beats. I thought he would burst laughing and say he's kidding but he looked into my eyes as if waiting for a response. Words deserted me. 'Can you be my girlfriend?' he rephrased. 'We are worlds apart,' I told him. 'Don't pretend you can't see I am just a village girl and you're it.' 'Why do you minimise yourself so much?' he lamented. 'Why should it take an outsider to tell you what a wonder you are? But if you really want to underrate yourself, hear me out; I don't care where you're from. I only saw love when I looked at you that day in the hall. I hadn't seen such natural beauty in a long while. Girls are so fake these days but you were natural and far more beautiful. You caught my eye and I was going to find you even if I hadn't run into you here. I love you.' I shed a tear looking back into his eyes. I could swear I loved him too even if I didn't really know him. I trembled when he cupped my face with his tender hands. Mwana mayadi, nkuku ya loan, his hands were very soft like toilet paper. 'You'll break my heart if you're crying because you think you aren't good enough. Don't confuse me with my father's achievements or the silly title I have in the student union. I am just a guy and I've loved a girl. Why should we complicate issues?' How could I turn him down like that? He had me at his mercy and God knows I initiated that kiss. It was teethy because nobody had taught me how to kiss but for a first kiss, I think it was awesome. 'Ahem!' Someone interrupted. It was Amanda. She always emerged from nowhere. She wasn't looking at us; she was glaring. And then it hit me, she had introduced me to Jeremy vaguely. What if....what if? Oh my God!!

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