Thursday, 27 September 2018

The careless lover (Episode 1)

THE CARELESS LOVER Episode 1 My name is Cynthia, I am here to share the story of my life to you, starting from when I am a teenager till I grow up. It all started when I was admitted Into faith primary and secondary school,the day I met the love of my life. I looked at the time and it was six am,I quickly got up took a shower,put on my new uniform and headed for the kitchen for breakfast, I met my mom in the kitchen preparing breakfast. oh I forgot to tell you about my family,I am a family of five which consist of myself, my elder brother Michael, my younger sister favour and mom and dad. Mom is a very jovial person who tried her best to raise us as obedient children and also us to make decisions that is best for us,but dad on the other hand is the type who always want to detect what goes on in our lives and also the type of father that is always busy even tough he is the owner of a big company. My brother is the type who still saw me as a little girl and always try to protect me,my brother and I and my younger sister once attended the same school but I decided to have a change of school after I wrote my jss3 exams so as to get away from my protective brother, he is nice tough but I just want to meet new things and that is y i was admitted into faith primary and secondary school and today is my first day as an ss1 student and my first day as a student at faith primary and secondary school. I got to school by 7:15 am and by 7:30am we started assembly and left for our various classes by 7:50, by 8:00am a slim fair lady of about the age of 30 years old walk into our classes and introduced herself as miss Eunice. she asked to know our names so as to be introduced with the new students who just got admitted. She got to my sit and I introduced myself as Cynthia David and the young handsome dude sitting next to me introduced himself as David Austin.. I look at the young dude and I could see him smiling at me, wow this dude is so handsome I said to myself and sat down. Miss Eunice went to the board and wrote mean on it, she asked the class to define it but everybody is quiet ,she called about two people to define it but they couldn’t then she called me. I defined it as summation of all the data in a value divided by the numbers of value in a set of data. After few minutes she wrote a question on the board and asked one of us to come out and solve it but none of us came out except for David Austin who solve it and got it correctly She thought us for about one hour thirty minutes before the next teacher comes in,few hours time the bell rang for break. l couldn’t go out for break because this is my first day in this school and i am a very shy person ,I was in my sit when a girl of about my age walk up to me and introduced herself as Sonia Dickson. she was slender, average in height and a little light in complexion. The only difference between the both of us is that I am dark in complexion and average in body size. I introduced myself as Cynthia David and we both exchange handshake after that she told me that she is impressed by the way I answered question at my first day at school and that she would like us to be friends, I was so happy and she offered to buy me lunch for accepting to be her friend. She took me to a canteen in the school where we bought meat pie and soft drinks,as we are about eating David Austin walked into the canteen,I looked at him and he smiled at me,he walked up to us and asked to joined us. Sonia quickly accepted and we all had lunched together happily, the bell rang few minutes later and we all left for our classes,at 3:30pm the closing bell rang and everybody started preparing to go home,some people could not even wait for the bell to finish ringing before running out of the class. Everybody left the class except for Sonia and i because I was waiting for her to finish copying the assignment on the board, when she was true we started going home when we heard somebody calling my name, I turned and it was David Austin running and calling out to us

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