Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin test (Episode 1 and Episode 2)

Episode 1
Ray, Prince Ray as his victims that crossed his path would call him when they fell for his deceptive charms. Ray was the only son of a woman that had abandoned him at the church altar when he was six months as he was a bargain her fast life could not cope with. He was later adopted by a single-woman that abused him physically and sexually which made him grow up hating women and only call on them to satisfy his rampart desire for pleasure.
Ray had a new target, Triny, who he knew was not going to fall for his charming deceptions easily as she was a girl that believed in upholding chastity that was  fully backed by her virginity that was kept in entirety though tested in severity. Triny, a girl described by many as more of an artistic work used to expound and display the perfection of creation that had then men exceed what was called the local three eye piece marvel rule which was broken into; look first to familiarize, look second admire beauty and look thirdly to store the image. Triny was one girl that led almost all men exceeding this rule as they had to look at her for the fourth time to observe just how her well-coordinated body and model walk would be on one person’s body, she was certainly too awesome to be true. If love at first sight did exist Triny was just the girl that made it happen. Triny was a sweet person that was focused on books, she believed love was for those who had reached the status of being independent and needed love for support and comfort. She had never had neither a boyfriend nor a close male friend as she always kept her distance when it came to interacting with the opposite sex.
Triny had a secret admirer, Eduardo, he was a very hard working man that was seemingly all about books and at times never really cared about his physical appearance but he seemed not to be into girls. Eduardo was deemed as a silent burner by many as he kept his life affairs so secretive but his hard work and achievements seem to over shadow his dark side. 
Ray got to know Triny through his mysterious cousin Loui that introduced the pair at the school party. ‘I am really shocked you are here, I thought you would be doing the assignment or you would be preparing for your exams. Anyway am just joking am more than happy to see you here and finally get to talk to you’ said Ray. ‘Okay, nice to meet you to’ replied Triny as she walked away as she had been well told about how Ray would live his prey despondent when he woke them up from the dream world his money and flattery created. Triny left the party very early as she was not accustomed to been away from home after six PM.
‘Oh! Did I just hear someone break down the door and enter the house’ a scared Triny thought out loud as she covered her head with her beddings. She remembered of the stories she had heard when she was growing up of how thieves would steal and rape the female victims. She began thinking about the horror of losing her virginity in such a way, she thought of all the guys she had turned down and all the flings she had forsaken all in the name of preserving chastity. ‘we have managed to breakdown the door, I hope this home does not only have valuable items in monetary form but also beautiful ladies, my wife has been starving me due to my rampant desire and appetite and I just could use some help from the girls here’ one of the men said as they entered the house. They were a group of five masked men who covered themselves in a way that was so hard to recognize…………………………………

Episode 2
The thieves headed to the living room and were happy with what they found and so before they could steal what they had found; it was time to know the victims they were stealing from by inspecting each room. The thieves proceeded by first bringing out her parents to the living room. They then went to pick up Triny who even in her night dress without a makeup was still a marvel too beautiful to go unnoticed. Triny was the only daughter of a couple that had struggled to have children as she only came 15 years after they got married. If Triny was what the couple had to wait for that long, she was certainly worth it. Her very beautiful highly curved body which was more of an artistic making and less of an ordinary creation was accompanied with very well defined principles which were a very rare combination made her parents very proud of her. ‘All this while I believed the world had seven mighty wonders and to live with the cold reality that I missed out on the eighth wonder and went to on to marry some ordinary lady fills my heart with grief and tears’ teasingly sobbed one of the masked men as he stared at a teary Triny. ‘It would be very unfair for us to have sex with a married woman, so your mom is safe little girl but you will have to satisfy the five of us. We are very gentle and won’t hurt you if you are gentle with us’ he continued as Triny was in tears trying to cope with the agony of having kept her virginity for some armed muscular robbers.
Meanwhile Prince Ray was in his bed thinking of Triny and the words from his cousin that Triny was a virgin were like cold water on a very sunny day. He was already picturing how he was going to be her first and the nice fancy place he would take her for that historic moment. Ray was feeling something so special for Triny, it was a bit different from what he felt and he was fighting so hard for it not to grow into love.
Eduardo, Triny’s admirer, had been in love only once. He was heartbroken when the ex-girlfriend, Naty dumped him for some older man that provided her with the luxuries poor Eduardo could not afford. He had dated Naty for four years and was her first boyfriend and love. From time to time Eduardo would recall how the pair shared their first kiss and love and how he pictured them even marrying their first lover. This made Eduardo vow to never date people with little or no experience in love as he believed they turn into heartless beasts that need a long time to regain their senses.
Triny’s parents were in tears feeling sorry for their daughter who was about to be gang raped, they remembered always encouraged her to remain a virgin till she met a man who was worth taking it away. Her father was badly beaten and left unconscious when he tried to stop the men from holding Triny’s body. ‘we don’t want to harm anyone but we are armed and will do whatever it takes to have things away and especially to explore the angelic eighth wonder’ said the masked man. When her mother tried to grab one of the men she was shot in the chest and laid on the floor as her eye balls begun rolling up. ‘This is the most painful night you will ever have, not only will you lose your virginity but also your family and their riches. Not even the death of the president will save you, is it true what your late mother said about you being a virgin? I always dreamt of sleeping with a virgin, I guess my prayer has been answered today’ another masked man said. Then…………………………..

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