Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test Episode 11 and 12

Prince had found Triny’s bracelet which she had left and this was going to be the best opportunity to see Triny at night and advance his quest to make her his girlfriend. He was happy and smiling as he went to his car to proceed to go to Triny’s home.
Meanwhile Eduardo Parked his car and did not say a word as they locked eyes with Loui but said nothing though the burning flame of desire in their eyes spoke volumes as it clearly spelt out how much both were eager and dying to satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Eduardo made the first move as he placed his hand on Loui’s appealing tantalizing brown thighs as she closed her eyes and held her breath in ecstasy as this was what she always dreamed of. Loui also proceeded to unbutton two buttons on Eduardo’s shirt and felt his heart beat which was thumping so hard against his chest like his blood was flowing so fast. She stared at his chest and it was so clear he had been hitting the gym the past weeks as his muscles and abs were so visible which drove her crazy. Eduardo pulled her with a beat of roughness which Loui really loved and she was sitting on his laps. No sooner did Eduardo go for the kiss to really kick start things than his phone rang and it was Triny calling but he did not pick up. ‘Am sorry we must have lost our senses a bit and got caught in the moment, we shouldn’t do this, let me go and drop you home’ said Eduardo as he put back Loui on her seat and changed his facial expression as he became very serious. ‘Man! You must really be a coward to ask for water and not have the courage to drink it, we both want each other, the sooner you get that the better things will be for all of u’ said an angry Loui as she sat on the passenger’s seat with a very sad face. Eduardo said no word as he drove off and took Loui home as both were so quiet during the short journey. Loui said no word when he dropped her off as she was sad even though Eduardo did apologize once more as he dropped her off.

Prince proceeded to Triny’s home and he did not want to call before going because he knew she would only request him to give her the bracelet the next day and so he opted to give her a surprise visit in the name of the bracelet. He knocked and there came the beautiful Triny in some short silk dress that fitted her body well and was a bit revealing and sent prince in a world of wild imagination as she had to shake him  a little to bring him back to earth after she noticed he was so taken and lost upon seeing her. ‘Prince, what brings you here at this hour? Did I do something?’ asked a relaxed Triny. ‘Yes, you committed a crime and am here to take you to a safe place were the police won’t find you’ joked prince as he looked at Triny who could only open her eyes wider as she tried to comprehend what Prince was saying. ‘I brought your bracelet that you left at the restraint’ said prince. ‘You are really crazy, thank you very much but you could have waited even till tomorrow’ said Triny as she smiled. As they were talking Prince’s phone rang and he accidentally placed it on speaker when answering. ‘You wont believe what just happened between me and Eduardo, cousin……….

Prince looked at Triny and was happy he put the phone on speaker and hoped it was something that was going to woo Triny towards him and so he was very as his cousin elaborated the situation. ‘he turned me down and couldn’t kiss me, I have never felt so unwanted in my life and…’ said Loui who was cut short by Prince who requested he calls her a bit later as he was a bit as he was held up. Triny was smiling and proud of her crush and his attitude. ‘Now that’s a man I wish to have, one who can resist a girl as pretty and charming as Loui’ Loui thought to herself as she continued smiling while staring at Prince whose facial expression was very happy at first but now a bit puzzled as things did not go how he was hoping they would. ‘I must go inside now, see you tomorrow and thank you very much once more for bringing the bracelet, I appreciate’ said Triny as she hugged Eduardo goodnight who felt her chest pierce through his and was happy he got to see her and hug her goodnight.
Eduardo went into his car and it was time to call Louis his cousin. ‘Cousin, do you know my phone was on speaker and Triny heard every word you said, you must have seen how she was happy and smiling like she had seen Father Christmas’ said Prince. ‘How dare you put me on speaker Prince, you really forget who I am and what I can do to your precious virgin of a girl’ shouted Loui. ‘Calm down cousin, I accidentally put it on speaker and Triny is not to blame for this I was hoping you were going to tell me that you and Eduardo made love so that you and I would both have real chances of getting the our crushes, if that is even right’ said Eduardo who was teasing his cousin. ‘I have one card up my sleeves and both you and prince could lose, I would rather Eduardo be single than watch him date Triny. Brace yourself lil cause tomorrow I have a very good plan and please forgive me in advance if my plan affects your chances, aw, how sweet this life is’  said Loui with some sarcasm. ‘don’t do anything you will regret cousin because you don’t have my support on this matter’ said Eduardo as he hang up.
It was a Friday morning and also day of the ‘show your talent’ festival and this show was always entertaining. Triny wore a designer’s dress which her rich aunty bought her as she always did every time Triny had a special function at school.  Triny was the tall type of girl were shaped and fair complexion and the heels she wore added more flavor to her already charming body as her shape was clearly revealed which made many guys stare at her. Eduardo who was expected to shun the event as he did in previous years showed up dressed in some fine clothing and had a new hair cut which astonished everyone, Prince famously known as fashion key on the other hand never let down his admirers on such days, he wore a very classic and fancy suit and as he walked up the stage as the first performer, all the girls were screaming his name. Eduardo was sited next to Triny when Loui walked up to them to spoil their wonderful moment. ‘Triny did Eduardo and Prince tell you…..

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