Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test Episode 13 and 14

Episode 13
Loui the cousin to Prince walked up to Eduardo and Triny who were sitting and enjoying the show your talent annual festival which was always a warm up for the ‘annual all white live the moment’ party which had a theme ‘what happens in Bahamas Islands is only for the beach sand and water to tell’. ‘Triny did Eduardo and Prince tell you they were once very close friends before a small firework blew up and split them apart? Any way I don’t want to spoil the good moment, I was just passing to check on you guys’ said Loui as she walked away and made Eduardo unease. ‘What was that girl talking about? Is it true? Tell me the whole truth of your story because you guys act strange when you are together’ asked Loui. Before Eduardo could respond he was interrupted as they all focused and cheered to watch and listen the Prince perform his new controversial hit song ‘love is for the faint hearted’. Triny rose up to dance to the song and all the people paused for a while to watch her dance as she was a seemingly shy girl who had never danced and so this was the moment everyone wanted to witness and so everyone begun shouting and calling her to join Prince on the stage. Triny hesitated a bit but gave in to the demands of the crowd as she went up stage and hit the dance floor. Her well fitted dress put her curves in full view and her wine bottle shaped body had three quarters of the men fantasizing and picturing just how Triny would dance as the moment was too good to be true and for Prince on stage it was like his Christmas gift had come early. Prince was requested to perform his fans all-time favorite track ‘eyes on the diamond’. Prince tried so hard to just focus on his song but always found himself watching Triny dance. Loui was filled with jealousy as she wished it was her on stage as she usually liked to be put on the spotlight but she however went on and took the opportunity of Triny’s stage dance to talk to Eduardo who was caught up in two minds as he was happy to watch Triny dance but felt sad she had to be on the same stage with Prince. Everyone was having fun at the show as there were some invited guest artists who also graced the show with their presence.
This party was used to select the two people who will MC the all-white party which was the biggest party of the year as many other schools were invited. People cast their votes and the entertainment coordinator Mr. Yao Ming went up stage to announce who will be the two MCs, the VIP waitress and the chief usher to guide people to their sits and the blonde Diva to represent the female beauty…………..

Episode 14
The names popped up on the screen and almost everyone had voted Triny and Eduardo as the hosts and this made Triny nervous as she had little knowledge about parties and also coupled with the fact that she was a shy girl. Triny felt like her life was changing gears so fast like her life had done a Usain Bolt on her. She looked at prince who was sited a bit far and he smiled at her which made her feel more unease. Loui, Prince’s cousin was shocked to receive 90 percent votes to be the VIP waitress as she was going to serve the invited guests food and ensure food and drinks distribution was well coordinated, Loui felt so bad but laughed a little when she saw Eduardo’s name pop up as the chief usher to lead people to seats during the early minutes of the party. Trayan Magredy the campus’s famous Beyoncé was voted the Diva of the campus, Trayan was noticeably one of the best dressed girls in campus as her rich father who was the vice president and mother who was a famous designer always ensured she had the best clothing to match her light complexion and fit her perfectly curved body well. The voted people were given a standing ovation by the other students as they felt this was the best team they had chosen in many years and the news that Drake and Nicki Minaj were the guest artists made the news of the party spread fast like a bush fire.
Prince went to Triny to brief her on the proceedings of the party and this was working to his advantage as he liked to spend more time with Triny, he encouraged her and assured her she was the best MC for such a party and joked a little of how nice they will look together. Loui went drinking as she was shocked and did not realize people hated her to the extent of making her a waitress. Eduardo went home with his head down and was feeling bad as it seemed like prince was ahead in working his way to Triny’s heart. Eduardo was seated on his bed when he received a call from Triny, ‘hey, you have been quiet today, is it because you are going to be the usher tomorrow?’ asked Triny as she teased Eduardo. ‘Oh no, it is just that I wanted to be closer to you tomorrow, maybe even dance with you!’ said Eduardo in a calm voice. ‘Oh really? We will still dance together, we will only assume those titles for an hour or so, it’s a party don’t forget and so we will all have fun’ replied Triny. ‘Yes but some guy will be all over you we both know’ said Eduardo as he laughed a little. ‘Do I sense someone getting jealous? This is awesome’ said Triny as she teased Eduardo.
It was morning and the day of the party finally came and as usual Triny’s aunty got her a very nice short white dress that exposed part of her back coupled with laces on the chest and some fancy designer white heels which went well on Triny’s body. Her co-host prince wore a white t-shirt that exposed his muscles and some fancy white trouser with white boots and a white cap. Prince managed to convince Triny who had never taken alcohol to drink a shot of Jameson and the show begun………

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