Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test Episode 15 and 16

Episode 15
Triny and prince were on stage to get the show started, Triny did not show any sign of shyness as the Jameson shot was working very well. She cracked a few jokes on stage which was so unlike her and she even did a few well worked dance moves which prince had taught and she exceeded people’s expectation as many believed and thought Triny would change the party into a church service or some church party which would have religious teachings. Prince was live and entertaining as always as he was so used to being on stage that he barely ever felt nervous. ‘Right about now we are going to welcome on stage somebody that usually makes most guys want to give her their Y chromosome. She is what she is but obviously even her can attest that I have stolen her spotlight and am sure she is wishing we did not have someone as beautiful as I am to host this party’ joked Triny as she welcomed on stage the famous artist Nicki Minaj who could only laugh as she stared at Triny with the funny evil eye as she left the stage. ‘As I was coming here I interacted with a few guys who told me the person hosting this party was the chilled version of me and that maybe she even has a better body than me, I am a lady but somehow they were right’ said Nicki as she began her performance which had the crowd screaming and dancing to every tune they performed. After the performance prince and Triny were back on stage to perform a song Prince composed and when it was Triny’s turn to sing she knelt on her knees and only held her head which made Prince realize how unwise he was to have given Triny the Jameson shot. Prince stood still and the crowd went quiet for some seconds as they were trying to comprehend with what was happening. Eduardo who was at the other far end stopped what he was doing and the only thing that was flashing on his mind was to go and remove Triny from the stage. Loui meanwhile was hoping Triny passes out so that she would go and MC the party which would be a way of getting of the waitress job. The drums and Key board went silent for almost a minute and Prince almost begun to panic until Triny got up with an aggressive sexy look on her voice and sang her part as the drums and keyboard restored playing which set the crowd ablaze with some fire joy and laughter as they believed this was a planned act which really did spice up the party and at least got a few people emotional. Loui felt sad upon seeing how the crowd reacted to Triny’s supposed fake act as she continued serving people with drinks and Eduardo could only watch the girl he loved with the guy who loved and wanted her on stage. Triny and Prince went backstage after the performance and their jobs of hosting were done as it was going to be time for partying but Triny was scheduled to live as she never attended parties and it was 9 P.M and her dad was already calling her. While in a room backstage Prince moved his hands and held Triny’s waist as her body really wanted this but her mind had doubt. So Triny…….

Episode 16
So Triny was stack and did not know what she wanted, one part of her really wanted to have fun and she would later even blame it on the Jameson shot but the other part was against her doing it as she always wanted to do things the right way. Prince held Triny’s waist as he looked her in the eyes and the pair barely said a thing to each other. Prince pulled her closer to her and moved put his head on her chest which exposed a bit of cleavage that had taken prince on a wild journey in dreamland. Her heart thumped so hard against her chest as though she was very scared and so prince looked her in the eyes and hugged Triny very tight. ‘I want you so bad, I have always wanted you and every time I see you I always want to be in your arms and tell you the sweetest words I can but now that I am in your arms I don’t know what to say. Don’t be scared Triny am not going to do anything to you especially not after getting you drunk with one shot of Jameson’ said Prince as he teased Triny who only smiled as they let go of each other. No sooner did they let go of each other than Eduardo stepped in the room and hugged Triny so tight to show his position in Triny’s life to his competitor Prince. Eduardo took Triny as he had offered to drop her home and Prince could only watch and say nothing as his cousin Loui mocked him.
A few weeks later and things were getting back to normal as usual school activities had resumed and they were all back in class. Triny planned to give prince a surprise visit to thank him for his assistance during the party and so she got him a watch. At 4 P.M Triny was on her way to Prince’s place when she received a call from Eduardo who was requesting to see her as he had something he wanted to show and a little gift he had bought for her. ‘Eduardo, you are slowly becoming a sweet gentleman or could it be that I just did not know you? Because I always thought you are just a book worm little did I know you can also be a sweet gentleman’ said Triny as she teased Eduardo. ‘Don’t be silly Triny, it’s just you have really changed me. I did not think I would ever like another girl after my first girlfriend left me but you cane and really changed that and am sure by now you know how much I like you’ said Eduardo in a very calm voice. ‘I have always also admired you Eduardo, you are probably the first guy am telling this and I will ask for you to be patient with me so that I could really be certain of what I want. We will talk when I come to see you or else we will just go on with our confessions’ said Triny as she hang up.
Just as Triny was leaving her house she met Loui and told her she was on her way to give Prince a surprise visit and this news was not well received by Loui. When Triny got to prince’s apartment, she found him hold Bianca his ex-girlfriend and she felt a bit jealous n hurt and Triny did not understand really why she felt that way when from the onset she knew prince was all about girls and she smiled a bit and felt relieved she did not make a mistake of falling prey to his trap the night of the party.
‘I just came to officially thank you for the help you gave to me and give you back your cheque which I was given since you did not come to school, we were given the cheque by some unknown man who said he really loved our performance and on overall the way we hosted the show’ said Triny as she smiled to try and cool. Prince was lost for words as he knew it was going to be hard to get Triny on his back and felt bad for missing an opportunity to have been with Triny. Before prince could explain or properly thank Triny she was on her way out as she left Prince who pushed away Bianca in furry.
Triny proceeded to Eduardo feeling a bit bad and was now sure it was only Eduardo who had genuine intention. She went to his apartment and they were in his room talking love as a new couple. Eduardo was not so much of a romantic guy and his way of asking Triny out was not one that would give anyone a wow-factor as it was just a special moment for the fact that they made it official. Eduardo moved and held Triny’s waist and with the small heartbreak Prince had caused Triny had no other thought than to go on and kiss Eduardo and so the pair kissed for a bit but paused as Eduardo asked Triny to sit on the bed as he was getting her gift in the drawers. Eduardo bent down to get the gift and his shirt went up and Triny saw a tattoo on his waist and she………

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