Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test (Episode 3 and 4)

Episode 3
‘I will go first as I am senior most and most experienced as I have been married for over twenty years. I have only been with my wife and never slept with another woman. Don’t be scared little girl! I am the most gentle of men you will ever meet and be assured you will enjoy this, my wife would attest to this fact had she been here’ said one of the masked men as he mocked Triny and toll off her blouse.  All of the masked men paused for a second after glancing at Triny’s chest as it was way better than they had expected or ever seen; their hearts skipped some beats for a while and made them eager and impatient to have a taste of Triny. ‘Just why the hell in the world would someone with a sensationally phenomenon body like yours choose to remain a virgin? We are going to break this streak in a way you won’t forget so that you don’t pass on these useless nonsensical morals to your children or friends. Yea! It feels like we celebrating freedom and if we were to give this night a title I would call it; breaking the virgin walls of Triny! You are Triny right? As your late mom called you’ said another masked many as he mocked Triny and removed her shorts which escalated their desire for passion as her body was so smooth with no mark, it was so smooth that they thought she used to soak herself in milk. Triny lay on the floor helplessly trying to grasp the sad way a good day had unimaginably become her worst nightmare. She recalled how she danced at the party and how happy she was to see Eduardo and now shed more tears as she stared at her mother lying dead on the floor. Her father was unconscious and was not moving and worse still she was on the verge of losing her pride.
‘If you are going to rape me at least have the courage of showing your faces, don’t be cowards. Act like the men you claim to be and give me a chance to see the face of the people I lost my virginity to. My one and only request is let that scared gentleman who has not said a word be the first to rape me as he looks like someone I know and so I will be picturing that person every time I remember this sad night’ said a teary Triny.
‘No! I don’t want to go first I am used to having leftovers or even being starved. I will let my bosses go first and I will be the last one or better still not even take part’ replied the shivery masked man that Triny had pointed. ‘Nigga X come-on, the girl asked you to be her first and so as the gentleman you are kindly honor her request. We did not come all the way to this place for you to come and act like a coward, be brave and let us complete our mission at once and live’ said the commander of the masked men to Nigga X who was trembling with fear. ‘I cannot do this and so please do not force me, whoever wants to go first is free to do so’ exclaimed Nigga X. ‘you either go first and rape the girl or we eliminate her’ replied the commander. Suddenly some gunshots were fired………

Episode 4
Nigga X shot the boss of the gang straight in the head and took charge of the being the commander. ‘Remember our rule Nigga X, at least one of us has to sleep with the girl to live a mark and she is such a beauty. I know you feel bad we shot her mother but shit does happen but we always have to remember life must go on. If you want us to be loyal to you, be brave and disvirgin this face so that we can prove we don’t have a coward for a leader’ said a masked man. ‘Fine! But only me will have sex with this beautiful girl you have imposed on me, I feel so bad I am doing this but it’s even harder to resist this girl’ said nigga X as he stared at Triny’s chest which was revealing some cleavage that sent nigga X on an evil journey of wild fanta-phenomenal imagination. Nigga X proceeded and went to touch Triny who had been tied by the gang as she shed tears. Nigga X move fast in undressing her and begun feeling body as tears helplessly fell from her face, her body cruelly begun responding to his touch as this experience was too new for her to cope with. Nigga X looked her in the eye and her tears left him in a bit of confusion as one part of him was dying to break her virginity while the other part was feeling so sorry for her. Nigga X proceed to remove his pants and what Triny saw gave her the fear of her life, he quickly put his pants back on as his conscious would not allow him go ahead to further destroy the life of an innocent girl. ‘Untie the girl and lock her and me in a bedroom as I can’t do this while ma juniors are watching me, I want this encounter to be more passionate and one she won’t forget’ said nigga X with a sad face. No sooner did the crew members untie Triny than she hit the closest masked man with the glass cup that was she picked from the table, the other masked man reacted by hitting Triny with a gun on the cheek as she dropped and passed out. This act filled Nigga X with anger as he ordered them to collect the valuables they could and left in a hurry as they thought Triny had passed on. A few minutes’ later police arrived at the scene and found Triny and her father unconscious while her mother had passed on. The pair were rushed to the hospital.
The next morning the school got to learn about what had happened to Triny and everyone was in a state of shock as they could not wait to see Triny back at school and hear the actual story. Eduardo was a bit unease for someone who was not close to Triny and asked to be granted a day off from school as he said he was unwell and needed bedrest so he could fully recover. But before he left Eduardo went to see the principle and ask her in which ward and hospital Triny was admitted so that he and a few friends would go and visit her. Prince Ray felt very bad and was very keen to find out if the gang hadn’t raped his crush Triny which would be a big blow to his dreams .
Eduardo went to the hospital with the company of some friends and when they entered the room Triny was in, she stared at Eduardo with a puzzled face which made him be unease as he stood still and said nothing…………………

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