Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test (Episode 5 and 6)

Episode 5
The adventurous Triny
the ever serious guy is here to see me, this is a bit strange though sweet in some way’ said Triny as she shared a joke with her school mates who were only staring at her before she broke the ice and put smiles on their faces. ‘I guess u must be feeling so bad right now but the most important thing is you are alive, I did not think I would ever say this but i have to admit you one of the bravest and strongest girls I know, I know you can’t forget what happened but you will be fine’ said Eduardo in a very shake voice and his uncomfortability was well noticed by everyone. ‘Are you this shy Eduardo? You even shivering, come on, I can’t eat you am glued on this bed!’ said Triny as she sent the other school mates in laughter as Eduardo smiled to try and show he was fine.
 After some minutes, Triny’s schoolmates left and she was in tears mourning her mother when the door was opened and in came Prince Ray with a sad face. ‘You can’t imagine how bad I felt when I found out about what happened to you, be strong, am not so much of a religious person but mom always told me to believe in God and I know for sure God will restore your happiness’ said Prince Ray in a very calm voice as Triny smiled. ‘Thank you very much for those words I really needed them, I won’t lie to you the thoughts of taking my life have crossed my mind a number of times. I lost my mother in the worst of ways and I don’t even know if my father will make it. Just one evil night has changed my whole life, I don’t know if I would go on living like this’ said Triny as she burst in tears and Prince Ray move closer to her and hugged her, it was certainly not the way he wished to hug her for the first time but being there to comfort her and strengthen her was a dream come true. ‘Don’t talk about taking your life, where ever your mom is am sure she would want you to live long, let us be positive and pray your father recovers soon’ replied Prince ray. ‘you are the last person I expected to comfort me and say those nice words, thank you very much’ replied Triny who sat up right and whipped her tears when more classmates came in as Prince Ray left.
Eduardo was looking lost like someone who had received some bad news, he couldn’t even study and his best friend noticed this but couldn’t ask anything as Eduardo never liked to talk when he was sad as he preferred to be left alone. ‘Poor Triny, I feel for the girl, she is so sweet and kind and doesn’t deserve what she is going through. What should I do to help her feel better, think man, think!’ Eduardo thought out loud.
Triny was on the beach seated thinking about life, then she saw a man coming towards her in white pants and white slippers but without a shirt as he left his muscular body that revealed his abs and beautiful chest exposed. He came near and she saw it was Prince Ray and suddenly she began feeling things move in her body which were against her wish. Prince did not say a word as he went on to grab her waist and looked her in her eyes and she too held his waist. The begun kissing passionately and Triny felt good and was lost in the passionate moment. Prince lifted Triny as he took her to the beach house which was well furnished. Prince began undressing Triny who did not offer any resistance but only moved with the flow as thoughts of how she could have lost her virginity to the gang crossed her mind. ‘I have kept my pride for many years but now I feel I am ready for this’ Triny whispered in Prince’s ears. Then Prince moved to…………………………………………..

Episode 6
The prince moved to get started with the real action and he appeared to be in a bolt from the blue as Triny covered him with kisses. Triny at this moment was so drunk in infatuation that her body’s natural fluctuation in response to Prince’s magical offered no resistance but only displayed her brilliance of her powerful possesance skills which she had reserved for a such a special moment. ‘Are you sure you want us to do this? I would not like you to regret anything afterwards because what I feel for you is deep, I know most people think of me as a cold-hearted man who only plays with girls to appease my sexual dears’ said Prince Ray in a low and calm sexy voice as he whispered in Triny’s. Before Triny could respond she was woken up from her dream by her nurse who had come to give her morning medicine and tell her that the doctor said she would be discharged. At this moment Triny was in a shock as the dream had seemed so real, she smiled for a bit but then remembered it was Eduardo she liked and then felt a bit sad that it was the heartless player who appeared in her dream and begun wishing it was Eduardo and so she smiled again and for a second or two even forgot she was in hospital as she sighed with a smile on her face. ‘You must have had a very good dream, all these days the first thing you do when you wake up is cry but thank God I saw your beautiful smile’ said the doctor. Triny shed tears even before the doctor could finish his word as she remembered and switched back to reality of living without her mother whom she always shared her life and secrets with as Triny even from a very tender age liked to be alone and had very few friends. ‘How is my father? Is he going to be alright doctor?’ asked an anxious Triny. ‘we still have to run a few tests to ascertain the extent of damage those brutal beatings caused, the situation is tense but as I noticed u pray a lot and so keep faith and am sure the man up above who kept u alive and safe will do the same to your father’ responded the doctor. ‘Your voice really sounds familiar doctor I just can’t remember where I heard it from’ said Triny who stared at the doctor with a very serious look. ‘I really doubt and almost certain we have never met, otherwise I would not forget such a lovely face’ responded the doctor nervously as he walked away with a smiling face.
Eduardo was still not fit enough to go to school as he opted to get a week off from school so that he would recover. He decided to go and visit Triny alone as he felt he needed to spend some time with her. ‘Eduardo, it is nice you thought of me and better still came to visit me’ said a smiling Triny who was on her bed smiling and excited to see him. ‘I came to see a friend and decided I should pass through and see how you a doing’ said Eduardo. ‘A friend? What is the name of your friend?’ asked Triny with a serious face. Before Eduardo could respond the nurse came in to call Triny as her father wanted to talk to her and just before she could walk out of the room Prince in the company of his mysterious cousin walked in and Triny stared at prince with a serious face as images of last night’s dreams popped up in her head….

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