Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test Episode 7 and 8)

Episode 7
Complications commence
‘Triny, I am leaving now I have some errand to run and get well soonest’ said a nervous and tense Eduardo as Prince and his cousin walked in the room. ‘Did we disturb you guys? Don’t leave just now, stay a little longer I haven’t had the chance to talk to you prince charming’ teasingly said Eduardo’s mysterious cousin Loui who was very beautiful and had a very good accent which saw her present and do ads for the school and so she was very famous. ‘Don’t worry we still have a lot of time ahead of us, we will talk some other day’ Replied Eduardo as he walked out after shaking Triny’s hand who was about to go to her father. ‘Eduardo, thank you very much for coming and travel safe. Prince, I will be coming in a bit I just have to check on my father’ said Triny as she walked. Prince did not say a word as he was still struggling to comprehend with the situation and got a bit jealous when he found Eduardo and Triny. ‘I hope Eduardo doesn’t blow up our secret and tell Triny, it would really be a big blow for my dreams and aspirations’ prince thought to himself and appeared to be lost. ‘Cousin! Come on, sweet cousin cheer up. I told you this girl is way above your league, I told you to go for Bianca because that one is a bit outgoing unlike your Virgin Mary of a girl’ said Loui as she teased Prince. ‘Shut up dear cousin, I am not in the mood for your drama, my mind is really occupied. I know for a fact me getting Triny would do you a big favor because you would have a chance against your bookworm of a crush Eduardo’ said Prince as he went to seat on Triny’s bed.
‘Don’t cry my precious one, I will fight for you and be there to protect you. I will only die when I know you old enough to take care of yourself, now come and give daddy a big hug. The doctor said I just need to undergo one surgery and I will be fine and I promise you I will find the people who took your mother away from us’ said Triny’s father as he hugged her daughter who was shedding tears. ‘I think I would recognize some of those filthy men and I will do whatever it takes to avenge mom’s death. As they bent to move mom’s body that day, two of those men had eagle tattoos on their backs.’ said an emotional Triny.
When Triny walked in the room Prince who had a golden voice that saw him win best artist at school and most promising talent of the country begun to sing Paulplay’s angel of my life song as Triny paused and stood at the door as her heart marveled and relaxed from the soothing sound of Prince’s voice as she went on to hug him after he was done with the song as Loui watched and clapped and faked a smile,.
Eduardo went home and requested to meet his friend, Lisa, who he used to hang out with a few times and told a bit about his life and issues as they were neighbors and she was one of the few that read Eduardo so well and always managed to break his shell and get him to talk. She liked him and really wished he would someday propose to her, Eduardo too did like but only like a sister. ‘I think am in a big mess Lisa and my world is falling apart and this is a really new experience. I trust u a lot and I know my secret is safe with you and keep it to yourself only as the time for confession will come but not now as I need more courage. Lisa I ………………………..

Episode 8
Triny’s hunt for the truth begins
Lisa I think for the first time in my life I am in in love. I have never felt this way in a very longtime, when am with this girl my heart skips a few beats and you wouldn’t need to feel my heart beat to feel how excited and tense I get. My love and wanting for this girl is so deep, I try so hard to act normal but these days I always end up showing it. Hiding the love I have for her is like a child with bread crumbs all over his mouth trying so hard to deny he did not have any bread’ said Eduardo as he sat down and looked worried. ‘Who is this girl Eduardo? Does love make you this worried or there is something else you are not telling me? You know you can always count on me for anything and it will be safe with me’ asked an emotional who felt sad hearing Eduardo fell in love with another girl as she felt she wasn’t good for him. ‘The girl is Triny, from our school and don’t worry am fine guess am just a little bit tired and stressed but I surely will be fine’ responded Eduardo. ‘Triny from our school! You mean Prince’s crush? Oh my! The Virgin Mary of a Triny has managed to finally put you and Prince in a competition. Who will break her virginity? Is it you my secretive crush or will it be the mastermind devilish Casanova Prince Ray who as attested by many girls is competitively endowed south of the belt’ said a jealous Lisa who walked away with a sad face. ‘This girl won’t give me more problems, I am too stressed to start another argument’ Eduardo thought out loud as he went home.
Prince held Triny too tight and she had to pat him on the back and whispered to his ears to let go as he was already lost in fantasy world of how their friendship would be elevated to love. ‘You really do have a great voice, I think I should do a song with you when am fully well. It would really be a great start to do my first professional song with our famous local artist’ said Triny as she teased Prince. ‘I dint know you talk this much and are this kind or maybe it is my cousin that manages to bring out these traits in women using his golden voice that have claimed many innocent virgins, be careful and keep your eyes open and legs closed’ Loui whispered in Triny’s ears as she later left the room. ‘Prince, please leave the room and follow your cousin, I want to be alone’ said a sad Triny. ‘What did she tell you Triny? Talk to me’ said an anxious Eduardo. ‘Nurse! Please take this man away and don’t let them in together with the lady he came with’ shouted a sad Triny who went to sleep on her bed and begun shedding tears as memories of her mother popped up in her head.
‘Persistence always breaks resilience and every circumstance is a chance to ace a new challenge and set pace for those you competing with in the race like your crush Eduardo. I know what you said to Triny is meant to bring destruction but you will be shocked that it will bring a stronger connection, this is no revelation dear cousin but a real manifestation of the affection and love I have for Triny’ said a calm Prince who left. ‘I am just protecting the poor girl and don’t forget our agreement dear cousin or i will open up about who you really are’ shouted an angry Loui. ‘Do whatever you want because at this point I don’t really care!’ said prince as he got into his car and drove away at high speed.
The doctor came to check on Triny to see if she was fit enough to be discharged. No sooner did the nervous looking doctor come in than……….

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