Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin test Episode 9 and 10(True life Story)

triny discharged as search for truth begins
No sooner did the nervous looking doctor come in than Triny grabbed him and squeezed his neck as she attempted to try and verify if he had the tattoo of the gang members that had mercilessly killed her mother. Before she could remove his shirt a group of nurses came in and injected her with a sedative to make her sleep. ‘Guess she is still traumatized with the events of that bad day, watch over her closely and give me feedback. I just came in and she grabbed my neck and begun hallucinating about me being a member of some gang’ said the nervous doctor as he walked out and left the nurses to do their job. ‘She really seemed very stable and calm, I really hope she is just traumatized as the doctor said’ said one of the nurses as they gossiped about the situation. triny woke up later n was calm and partially forgot what transpired before she slept.
Eduardo was home thinking about Triny and just how she would fit in his life when he received a text requesting him to go and meet the sender urgently as there was a pressing issue. ‘Eduardo was very helpful in the community and was currently educating a number of less privileged children in his community as he always believed education was the only right way of fighting poverty. Eduardo was basically all about books and hardly took part in any extracurricular activities at school but usually represented the school in academic competitions and so was loved by many teachers but usually differed with them when he was given leadership positions which he always turned down. He had started doing some business and from his lifestyle his business was really doing fine as he managed to increase the number of children he was paying for. He always preferred to be a mystery to people as he hardly told people exactly what his line of business was but that did not matter to many who only looked forward to being beneficiaries.
Prince was home thinking about what he was going to do and how he would get past Eduardo in getting his dream girl. Prince always knew it would be a big blow if Triny got to know his side that Eduardo knew very well about. Prince was so sure if love did ever exist then he had just found it in its purest form. He believed the love was only a fantasy for now though the ecstasy which pulled him towards Triny was irresistible like gravity which filled prince with thoughts of being with triny in unity till eternity.
A few weeks later Triny and her dad were discharged and went home and for a few days mourned her mother. When it was a Monday, Triny went back to school and was welcomed with hugs and encouragements from her friends which helped her in settling back to school. As she was about to go back home Triny was called by Loui prince’s cousin who adamantly said she wanted to show her something and so the gentle Triny agreed. Loui took her to some place which was very expensive and requested Triny to look to her left and be very attentive. When Triny looked to her left she saw Eduardo and Prince sited on a table and both looked puzzled when they saw her………..

Episode 10
Eduardo hurriedly stood up and rushed to go and hug Triny as Prince was still in shock trying to grasp the situation. ‘What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be home resting?’ asked Eduardo. ‘Home? Resting? Don’t you think I have rested enough and on the contrary I should be asking what you and Prince are doing here’ said an anxious Triny. ‘Oh really! I came here to refresh my mind and my late uncle loved this place and he would at times bring me here to listening to soothing music from his favorite bands and so I usually take some time to come and keep track with my memories. Prince is here to perform and look his going up stage, it was a coincidence we both here at the same time, I was just taking my leave, I could drop you home if you don’t min’ said a calm Eduardo. I came with Loui and I want to watch Prince perform a song before I go, if you don’t mind you could wait and as soon as he performs one song, we shall go’ responded a smiling Triny. Prince was with his cousin Loui talking as he was preparing to go on stage as each watched their crush smiling and chatting happily with their crush as their hopes were crashed which made Loui rush to destruct and cut the affection that was in full manifestation.
Loui came and interrupted the warm conversation Eduardo and Triny were enjoying as she came in with her own stories. ‘I will be living soon, Eduardo will drop me off home’ said a calm Triny to loui. ‘That is so kind and sweet of Eduardo, I hope you don’t mind dropping me off too after you drop Triny, I am not feeling too well’ said Loui as she hugged Triny. This is no surely what a hoped for as he cursed and insulted inside his heart as he felt his rare chance to express his affection for Triny was ruined and blown away. Loui was quick to take the front seat in Eduardo’s car which Triny was okay with as she thought Loui was just being fun and trying to tease the pair but this left Eduardo even more infuriated. They proceeded and dropped Triny first as her home was near and then it was now time to go and proceed to drop Loui off. Loui was brown and had very pretty thighs and it was harder for
Eduardo not to stare, he thought of how she had ruined his opportunity with Triny but all this negative energy crazily drove Eduardo into thinking about how awesome it would be to have a breather and feast on such beauty for the night considering how long he had been emotionally starving himself which made his situation even harder.
‘I am really sorry for troubling you and making you calm this far, it’s just that I am not feeling well and couldn’t walk. It’s really sweet of you to do this and at least I got an opportunity to talk to you, you are really a nice person’ said Loui as she deliberately moved her legs in a way that Eduardo just had to notice her thighs. At this point Eduardo was caught on crossroads as he wanted to quickly decide on which course of action to take and so he parked the car in some playing park that was close by.
Prince was done with his show and was about to leave when he was called by the bartender to give him something a friend among his classmates had laughed and this got Prince really excited as he smiled......

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