Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Virgin Test(Last Episode)

Triny almost screamed as she put her hands on her mouth and Eduardo instantly turned back. ‘What is the matter dear Triny? What just happened?’ Eduardo asked as he looked at Triny who looked so unease. Triny at this moment was thinking of what to do or how to escape this without being harmed, she looked around in search of the nearest object she would use to defend herself just in case Eduardo tried to attack her. It was getting late and Triny knew it wouldn’t be long before her protective father would start calling her. ‘Eduardo dad just sent me a text message asking me where I am, I think I should be going home now and its getting late’ said Triny in a trembling voice as she tried to pretend she was okay when a tear dropped from her eyes as she recalled the tragic events of the day she lost her mother. ‘What did you see Triny? I want to tell you the whole truth’ said Eduardo as he drew close to Triny. Triny swiftly moved like she was going to sit on Eduardo’s bed as she picked up a fruit wine bottle which she hit Eduardo with who instantly passed out. She quickly pulled his shirt up and took a few pictures as she begun looking around his room. She then found a flash disc labeled the X-gang file which she took and went out of the house in a hurry.
Triny went home and when she reached she locked her doors and found that her father was not yet home as he was calling to say he was in a meeting and would come a bit late. In the flash disc were different picture of Triny which were sequential to show she was being watched and photographed before and after her mother’s death. Triny now moved to read the documents on the disc which were like a report on the crimes the gang committed and who committed them. The crimes were arranged as per date they took place and so Triny recalled the date very well her mother was murdered and so she saw the document of her mother’s death clearly labelled with the date it happened and it had some stars on the side of it. Just as Triny was about to open the file, her father hooted outside and Triny could not call him instantly as her phone had gone off as the battery was low and so she just had to go and open the gate for her father. Triny went out to open the gate and the car was driven in and she quickly locked the gate. ‘Dad! Dad! You have no idea what…’ said Triny who stopped talking upon noticing five masked men coming out of the car with a gun pointed at her father. ‘If you scream you and your father will die, this time we are going to rape you holy virgin’ said one of the masked men in a voice Triny was sure was Eduardo’s. ‘Where is the flash disk you little girl, hand over the disk and you might just be lucky enough to see the sun again’ said one of the female masked men who Triny was sure was Loui Prince’s cousin and so she was only waiting to hear Prince’s voice to complete the puzzle. Eduardo removed his mask and stared at Triny’s father, ‘do you remember that woman you falsely sentenced to be hanged some 15 years ago even though all evidence pointed to her being innocent? How you were bribed by that politician to sentence her just because she was a threat and would have been the vice president? You well knew she was set up but you still went ahead and killed her just because you were the judge then and had the power’ said Eduardo as he shed tears helplessly. ‘I only wish you were as innocent as your daughter, my father died in prison because he couldn’t live in prison for a crime he did not commit, you denied me and my siblings a normal childhood. You are so cruel and I hate you corrupt man who took bribe and sentenced my father’ Said Loui as she took off her mask and shot Triny’s dad in the leg as she cried. Triny was in tears and lost for words as she was in a confused stated trying to comprehend and grasp the situation. ‘Where is Prince? Take off your mask Prince and also tell me why you did what you did’ said Triny as she cried and looked at her father with a lot of disappointment but again felt pity for him. ‘prince is the only thing this rag can think about, I told you Eduardo that this girl did not even a single day love you’ said an angry Loui. All the masked men took off their masks and prince was not present and so Triny was still thinking why he wasn’t around. ‘Give us the flash disk before we harm you and finish your useless father, we are just products of the environment your father placed us in’ said Loui as she pointed a gun at Triny. Triny got her father’s phone smartly and called the police who began tracking were the call had come from. Loui video called prince to let him know they were about to kill his dream girl and showed her to him as she mocked him, he begun pleading and so she hung up. Prince quickly got his car keys and rushed to Triny’s place. Loui was about to fire a shot at Triny when a bullet caught her hand and police ordered them to drop their guns. They all surrendered their weapons and were taken into custody and Prince arrived at the scene to comfort Triny.
Triny’s father passed on some hours later due to excessive blood loss and the gang were sentenced to 45 years each in prison. Triny later married Prince who had no dealings with the crimes of the gang and quit a day after joining but remained loyal and kept the code of never saying a word to anyone about the gang…….

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