Saturday, 13 October 2018

2Face Idibia Spotted Holding Weed As He Hangs With Timaya And AY The Comedian

So Yesterday, 2face, AY and olding days artist Faze hung out with Timaya, and while they subconsciously posed for the gram, 2face was seen grabbing weed with his left hand..
This will be the first time, am seeing him with this tho..
see an upclose below!
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Peter Obi Pops Champagne After Being Picked As Atiku’s Running Mate (Photo)

Peter Obi
Peter Obi – It was a merry moment earlier today after the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate in the February 14, 2019 election, Atiku Abubakar, picked former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, as his running mate.
The former vice president on Sunday became the presidential candidate of PDP, Nigeria’s main opposition.
Peter Obi was seen in an elated mood with Champagne popping as he celebrated the selection with Chief Gbenga Daniels, a former two-term Governor of Ogun State and the Director General of the Atiku Campaign Organization, along with others
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Man Helps His Fiancée Adjust Her Shoes In Matching Outfits Pre-Wedding Photos

Matching outfits pre-wedding photoshoot as man helps his fiancée adjust her shoes. Their wedding is coming up on 27th October 2018.

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Twitter User Celebrates Third Anniversary Of Dating A Married Man

A certain twitter user jas taken to twitter to announce that she is celebrating her third anniversary dating a married man.

The disclosure came as a reaction to a Twitter user’s comment. @mlota_azola wrote;
“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but he’s not leaving his wife for you.”
However reacting to the tweet, the South African lady disclosed that she found out that he is married one year into their relationship. According to the lady they’ve been in their relationship for 3 years and are celebrating their third anniversary. Read her tweets below;
“He did and we celebrating 3 years together now I went after what I wanted. Such is life. If his wife and him were meant to be, he would have stayed. I found out he was married after a year of dating him. I loved him and didn’t wanna leave
Seriously, I didn’t intentionally date a married man, I found out later on and chose to stay ad he chose to leave his marriage. Neither of us are saints.Men leave you even if you are the most beautiful girl in the world for whatever reasons. Why do we always blame the other woman? I didn’t initiate the relationship, he approached me and my ancestors gave me signals and boom, he is paying lobola December”

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Slay Queen Claims 70-Year-Old On Her Birthday. See Reaction (Photos) Slay Queen Claims 70-year-old On Her Birthday. See Reaction

Slay Queen Claims 70-year-old On Her Birthday. See Reaction
Nigerian actress Biola Fowosire claims 70-year-old as she celebrates her birthday toda.
She wrote; i know some poeple will not beleive me, anyway dont ask me how, ba se ri niyen
See reactions below…

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Monday, 8 October 2018

“Till I Will Die, I Can Never Forget The Day I Met Davido” – Mayorkun Says

DMW singer Mayorkun has mentioned that meeting Davido was a blessing to him and he does not think it will be quite easy for him to forget the day he met the African pop sensation.
Mayorkun, who met Davido after he uploaded a video of himself playing the piano to one of the latter’s songs on social media, told Sunday Scoop that it had been nothing but bliss since he came in contact with the self-acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo.

He said:

“I will continue to remember the day I met Davido for good. He has really been a blessing to me and I will always appreciate him. He is a very good person because he didn’t know me from Adam before offering me a deal with his label.
Even when I tell people how our paths crossed, they don’t believe. He took me as a brother from day one and he has been very instrumental to the growth of my career.”
On the advice his mother gave him at the outset of his career.

Mayorkun said:

“She just told me to always remember the son of who I am and to stay true to myself. She warned me not to live a fake life but to be focused on my career.
As someone who has been in the entertainment industry for a while, her advice is very valuable to me and I make sure to follow it. I am very close to my mother and I don’t do anything without her.”
Speaking on what inspires him as an artiste.

Mayorkun said:

“I am largely inspired by the things I see around me. I like to sing about things that people can relate with; I get material from the things that happen around me.”
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Atiku is Nigeria’s next president – Ike Ekweremadu

The Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, after the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the coming 2019 presidential election, stated that he is Nigeria’s next president.
Ekweremadu also congratulated the other aspirants and the PDP on the primary which he described as “crucial and rancor-free.”
Atiku is Nigeria’s next president - Ike Ekweremadu lailasnews 3
He noted that the process was more important than everything else as all the aspirants were qualified to lead the nation.
Reacting to the outcome of the elective convention, which produced Abubakar as the candidate of the PDP for the 2019 presidential election, the senator, in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media, Uche Anichukwu, said the ex-Vice-President was the next president of Nigeria.
Ekweremadu said:
“I join our teeming party faithful and supporters to congratulate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the incoming President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, by God’s grace, on his nomination as the standard-bearer of the PDP in the 2019 presidential election.
“This is a watershed and a momentous occasion for the PDP and indeed the nation. More important in the race was the transparent, free, fair, credible, and peaceful process. I commend the party leadership and the Convention Planning Committee for giving us one of the best primary elections in Nigeria’s history.
“Our party has, by this, demonstrated the full revival of internal democracy and total rebranding for the best democratic ethos. I commend the aspirants for the maturity, decorum, friendship, and mutual respect that characterised the jostle for the presidential ticket.  I urge them and the party faithful to continue to work together for the party’s victory in the 2019 general elections.”
According to the Deputy Senate President, the mission to rescue Nigeria towers above individual interest and it is one that the party cannot afford to fail Nigerians.
The lawmaker noted that recent elections, “despite the temporary setback occasioned by apparent irregularities suffered by the PDP,” were clear pointers that Nigerians had already queued behind the PDP to restore the nation on the part of true democracy and progress.
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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Native doctor rejects runs girl brought for sacrifice, says she’s already been used(details)

A Twitter user  identified as @iam_zamahni took to the platform to narrate how her neighbour’s daughter who is also a runs girl, was rejected by a ritualist (native doctor) after she was brought in as a sacrifice by ritual killers.
Native doctor rejects runs girl brought for sacrifice, says she’s already useless lailasnews 1
According to the Twitter user, the incident occurred shortly after the runs girl traveled to Abuja to meet a new client. Read the story below;
My Neigbours daughter that was kidnapped on the 28th of Sept just returned home this morning crying. She was kidnapped to be used for Rituals but the Native Doctor said a superior power from ijebu already used her soul for Rituals and she can’t be used again,cos she’s USELESS
According to her; she travelled to Abuja to meet a friend she has known for sometime. On getting there the man was richer than she expected but she suspected something was wrong cos he can’t be so rich from selling only perfume oils.
They spent the night together and she was only getting credit alerts but he didn’t want to have secx with her cos he was saving her for Rituals. The 3rd day came he told her he will be travelling that she can stay in the hotel till anytime she wants to travel home.
According to her; that night by 2am someone came to wake her up, she said she can’t remember who,but she followed the person,only to see herself in a shrine and the only person she could recognise was her friend. (The guy she went to see in Abuja) and there were other girls too
So she was furious,trying to ask the people how she got there bt nobody was answering her. She said she watch them doing their enchantment and she also saw other girls were coming in, ( probably runs Girls) and they were all together,the ones they took out never came back
Then someone came to where they were and asked her to follow him she followed him again, on getting to the shrine they told her so sit inside a calabash, she did but nothing happened. Then the Native Doctor tied a leaf around her neck and Screamed!!! Saying they brought a corpse
He then called her friend (the guy she went to see in Abuja) in anger the Native Doctor slapped him and asked him if he’s not serious with performing the rituals and that he has 48hrs to provide someone or he’ll run mad. That she (my neighbours daughter) has been used previously
She has been used previously and that she’s not worth anything, and anyone who comes incontact with her sexually also carries the same curse, and that’s how it’ll be till till eternity.He then called some people to throw her away. They came and carried her away. According to her
They dropped her in the middle of the road, with the intention that a trailer or truck will drive by and crush her to death.But luckily for her the driver saw her in the middle of the road naked n stopped.He took off his shirt nd covered her, moved her from the road n drove off
According to her she was just by the road seeing people passing by but she couldn’t say a word, they probably thought she was MAD. So a relative from same village who knows her father saw her there and called her dad, that he saw her daughter sitting by the road looking Mad
And the Dad was shocked cos they’ve been trying to reach her on phone and her room mates in school don’t know her whereabout. They found her somewhere in ogun state and she came home this morning.
Her parents are making preparations to take her back to ijebu to trace where and who used her for Rituals. Imagine having a beautiful face and nothing good is coming your way cos nobody is seeing you, someone made you a walking corpse cos you’re desperately in love with money.
I used to think it’s a movie till it happened to my Neighbour. This is not a Story. It’s real; the World is Wicked. Be careful outhere please
Native doctor rejects runs girl brought for sacrifice, says she’s already useless lailasnews 1
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See Buhari’s Reaction after Small Doctor Told Him ‘Stop Sleeping’ At A Public Convention… see reaction

Look at Buhari’s reaction when Small Doctor told him “Ye Masun” at APC National Convention.
Watch the trending video below :

See how Nigerians are reacting to the viral video.

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After Harsh Breakup With Hubby, Mercy Aigbe Decides To Love Again

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has made big decision to give love a chance again after two failed marriages.

The actress made this decision after she watched her friend and colleague Abimbola Ogunnowo in the arms of her husband Okiki Afolayan at their wedding yesterday.
The new bride who has already been blessed with a baby  girl from their previous relationship was all smiles at her wedding and her joy made her the envy of everyone present at the occasion.
According to Mercy Aigbe, she is definitely giving love another chance!

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Entertainment News:The Walking Dead’ Returns With a Time Jump, a Royal Romance, and a Brutal Execution

The Walking Dead Recap
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee on ‘The Walking Dead.’ Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

When last season’s all-out war turned out to be more of an all-out bore (am I right, guys?), fans of The Walking Dead were left dubious about the show’s future as a drama worth watching. But that was before AMC threw a massive curve at its audience, in the form of a shocking announcement: the departure of the series’ original leading man. After eight years, more than 100 episodes, and fifteen dozen different levels of post-apocalyptic beardedness, Andrew Lincoln‘s ninth season on the show will be his last — and the Sunday, October 7, premiere made it clear that they intend to give him a heck of a send-off. Here’s everything that went down on the episode, titled “A New Beginning.”

Although Maggie (Lauren Cohan) seemed on the verge of mutiny in the final moments of season eight, she got her anger at Rick under control. The Walking Dead jumped ahead about a year in this new season to show all three communities (the Hilltop, the Sanctuary, and Alexandria) living more or less in harmony. Maggie, now a mom, remained the Hilltop’s leader after a public election — and despite some agricultural struggles and a dash of pro-Negan graffiti at the Sanctuary, everything seemed copacetic. The survivors were thriving, the future was bright, and Judith Grimes was finally displaying signs of age-appropriate verbal development! And that wasn’t even the best part, because …
This video cannot be played because of a technical error.(Error Code: 102006)
The rumors are true! After some awfully titillating teaser images of Carol (Melissa McBride) and King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in what looked like a romantic embrace, the premiere confirmed that these two are involved. A trip to Washington, D.C. to retrieve vintage farming equipment and heirloom seeds nearly went sour when a glass floor shattered beneath Ezekiel’s feet, leading him to fall right into a pack of hungry walkers. Fortunately, he was harnessed onto a rope that allowed his friends to pull him out — at which point, a relieved Carol laid a big smooch right on the lips of her monarch.

Don’t worry, though: the tough, fierce Carol you know and love hasn’t disappeared. When Ezekiel proposed to her later in the episode, she turned him down flat and dissed his taste in engagement rings to boot: “Put that thing away! It’ll snag on everything!”

The Walking Dead Recap
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier on ‘The Walking Dead.’Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Although the trip to D.C. was a success, the road home was rough — and for one member of the gang, deadly. After discovering that storms had washed out the bridge to Alexandria and left the road extremely muddy, the group was beset by a herd of walkers. Not wanting his horse to meet the fate of literally every other horse on The Walking Dead (remember Buttons?), a kid named Ken ran back to free her and ended up both kicked by the horse and bitten by zombies for his efforts. Ken promptly died from internal injuries, and Maggie was left with the unhappy job of giving his parents the news. Clearly, this was the fault of the jerk horse above all else, but the parents blamed Maggie — and one treasonous lurker saw his chance.
So, remember Gregory (Xander Berkeley), the man who spent two entire seasons messing things up for the survivors with an endless series of ham-handed attempts at manipulation? He was still living at the Hilltop, still seething over his loss to Maggie in the community’s election and still nursing the bizarre delusion that he could be an effective leader — if only the current one were, uh, gone for some reason. That night, after Ken’s funeral, Gregory lured Maggie to the graveyard in the hopes that Ken’s grieving dad Earl — pumped full of bourbon and murderous bad feelings by the resentful ex-leader — would end her life.

Fortunately Maggie fought Earl off and went straight to confront the treasonous snake – “You can’t even murder someone right!” she sneered – easily disarming him when he attempted to stab her himself. And because frontier justice reigns in a world overrun by zombies, this was the end for Gregory. His brutal hanging was the last scene in the episode — and our first inkling of just how far Maggie will go to keep her house in order.
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Former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has emerged the winner of the Peoples Democratic party presidential primary elections holding in port-harcourt for the 2019 general elections.

Atiku beat senate president,Bukola Saraki,sokoto state governor Aminu Tambuwal and former kano state governor sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso amongst others to clinch the keenly contested opposition ticket.

Details shortly...
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I was joking when I asked American star for help – Uti Nwachukwu

Former Big Brother Africa star, Uti Nwachukwu, was seriously back-lashed when he begged American superstar, Taraji Henson, popularly known as Cookie of Empire, for help online.
Nigerians became furious and wondered what could have pushed him to do that.
I was joking when I asked American star for help - Uti Nwachukwu lailasnews 3
But while speaking with Sunday Scoop, Uti Nwachukwu rubbished claims that he wanted the American to help him, saying the post was nothing serious.
According to him, he is a fan of Cookie and as an avid user of the social media, he makes a lot of comments on people’s post and his posts are not devoid of jokes.
He said:
“It was a joke; people should not take it seriously. I always make silly comments on Cookie’s Instagram page. People are free to say whatever they want to say. I am just a fan of Cookie. I comment a lot online and I joke with my loved ones and friends.”
Most of his critics have blasted him for the joke as he also regularly rants about social media beggars and does not hesitate to show his disdain towards them.
Uti Nwachukwu, who seemed to be totally fed up with the rate at which some of his followers hit his DM to request for money, once stated that the creators of Instagram did not create the platform for beggars.
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The bad habit of an innocent girl

I waited after knocking on the gate twice making sure my knock wasn't so loud but audible . I couldn't have whoever was inside to have a bad impression of me.
I held my hands nervously waiting for the person who was opening the gate to come out. A gentle looking man walked out looking at me.
"Good afternoon," I greeted him ignoring the thoughts that rushed through my head.
 "What if this gentle man was her lover or even Fiance?  " I thought.
I decided to be brave. I was going to see her whatever was the case.
The man responded and told me to wait when I told him I was looking for Angela. I couldnt use Ms Jere knowing that would sell me out as a student of hers. I was a man now and I held my head high.
 Taking one look at my blue jeans a bit ripped on the front pocket and a short sleeved black shirt, matching with a pair of black casual shoes and I recalled how much they had cost me and smiled, they were worthy it cause I knew they looked so good on my feet i felt my pride rise.
Lifting my arm to smell if i didn't forget to put on roll on and perfume. Satisfied I smelled good,  I sighed as I heard the foot steps from inside. It was obvious she was the one coming cause the sound of the slippers Patting as she walked gave her away.
I was almost starting to imagine her smooth legs and medium sized feet when she stood right in front of me frozen. It was like she had seen a ghost.
Her lips patted as she gazed at me and for a moment I kept my eyes on set on them contemplating how they would taste on mine if i got them just to slid on them in a flash.

She had no makeup on, she looked even more beautiful. Obviously not expecting anyone important, her hair was a bit out of older too, like she just unbraided it as I could see the curls I used to see when my mother was done undoing her hair, Only hers was longer and fall to her shoulders. She had the small part in front dyed with a strip of Gold or Brown I wasn't sure.
My eyes went down her body taking in her jeggings and a loose T-shirt. I was right, she had slippers on her feet, I had to swallow hard. The sight of her well manicured nails was so appealing I felt I could in an instant rub them gently.
All this I visualized in a flash of some seconds, then quickly looked up her face smiling widely.

" hey!" I finally greeted her and she opened her eyes wide to look at me like my voice just confirmed it was me standing before her.

" hey! Am um um ," she stammered completely lost of words.
" what are you doing here? She finally uttered her words.
" well,  I came to see you, I looked for you for months and now here I am," i raised my hands and dropped them on my thigh making a small sound as they patted on my jeans.
" but I don't understand, how did you find me?  I mean who gave...."
" I found a way that's what matters right?"  I asked her, cutting her short. "where there is a will, there is a way you know the saying" I giggled looking at her as she held her hand to the gate.
" are you going to allow me in or what?" I asked her making sure my manly voice came out.
" oh Yeah, sure please come in Jay. Am sorry I was just caught off  guard" she frowned holding the gate to allow me in.
I waited for her to lock back the gate and followed her as she walked towards the house.
I looked around the back where they had a small garden and the rest of the yard had neat green glass. I saw the man who opened the gate for me seated outside the servants quarter relieving me of the negative thoughts I had earlier.
"Come in," she invited me into the house and I followed her passing  through the kitchen before entering the living room with a wide mirrow on the side. Taking a quick look at myself before going to sit where she had offered me a seat.
" I like your house. It's so calm and peaceful " I smiled at her as she sat on the opposite couch facing Me.
" Thank you,  but it's not mine, its for my elder brother and his wife both of them have gone out for the weekend with their kids" she responded with a soft laugh.
" I see"  I smiled back. " it's beautiful anyway," I i shrugged and looked up and around. Our house was much bigger with more defined furniture and planty of some room too but I honestly loved the simplicity of her brother's house.
" so what brings you here Jay, and how are you? I hope there's no problem  home" she started bring me back to the moment.
" oh yeah everyone is okey and like I promised you I never pick fights with my father, he's more calm now that I passed my grade 12."

"I heard and am proud of you" she smiled.
" Yeah thanks, but am not okey. I have not been okey since you left the school" I told her looking direct at her.
" oh no, what happened? Is anything the matter?" She asked,  the sincerity of her concern clearly displayed in her eyes.
I shook my head and chose my next words,
" am not okey Angela," I said almost in a whisper.
She swallowed hard I saw her gullet move up and down at my courage to call her by her first name.
" I have not been okey because I missed you a lot and was sad you never said good bye to me. You know I would have loved to know your whereabouts. I have spent the last 3 months searching for you and trying your line but I never went through. Tell me why you decided to purnish me like this" I went on not looking away from her face.
She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Jay stop talking like that you know my view on this" she responded uncomfortably.
" I can't because you told me I was confused before, are you sure after almost a year and now am 21 am still having some hormone break down? When are you going to understand that I love you and I want you for myself?"  Moving to where she sat I held her hand.
Tell me you don't feel any thing for me. Look into my eyes Angela and tell me you don't have any feelings for me and I swear to God I will never bother you again"
She looked down avoiding my eyes and before she could say a word we heard the gate opening and the sound of a car outside.

I looked up the window and saw a man and woman seated in the front driving in.
" that should be my brother," she told me and I moved back to my previous seat and sank back as we saw them enter the house.
" helo!" The brother extended his hand towards me and I stood up shaking it gently but firmly.
"Hello! How are you sir?" I greeted him and turned to greet his wife and the two girls who I supposed were their kids.
" I saw a vehicle outside and was wondering who's visiting us" he let a laugh and Angela stood up.
" He's Jared, brother , he came to see me" she indicated looking at me and I nodded my head in agreement. Glad she didn't tell him I was her former student.
The man  talked with us for a bit and I easied up realising how cool he was.
" let me leave you two to catch up am going to the other room" he announced and left us.
" feel at home Jared, and it was nice meeting you" he added as he reached the door.

" the pleasure is mine sir, and thank you for the warm welcome but I have to leave now"  I told him looking at Angela who had talked less the entire time.
" okey then safe travel back to your home" he smiled and I stood up to go.
" will you see me out?" I asked Angela.
" Yeah of course I will" she chuckled a little. Standing up and walking me out to the car.

" get in," I ordered opening the car door for her the moment we were outside.
" what? No I can't I have to...."
" please ," i whispered, my eyes pleading.
 She got in and sat down as I went round the car to join her inside.
" I still want to talk to you. You have not answered my question"
She looked at me and sighed, but before she said a word I started the car without warning.

" where are you taking me looking like this?" She asked me looking straight at my face.
I smiled, " you will see, and there is nothing wrong with the way you look. I actually like it. You look good."
I saw her shake her head but said nothing .
We both remained quite as I drove to the road down Chainda heading to twin palms and then stopped, after taking a small turn besides the main road and parked  where there was a clearing.
" Jay, I seriously don't know what you are doing but I don't like where this is going. What's the meaning of this? " she asked,  as usual in a calm voice. I wondered if she had ever yeld at anyone. She was way too calm and I loved the peace that surrounded her.
" I asked you a question and I need an answer. Listen, am going away on Monday and I am glad I found you today. I needed to see you and to answer your question of what am doing. It's simple, I want to know how you feel about me. Look at me and tell me you don't feel anything and like I told you earlier, I will leave you alone and will not bother you again. Look into my eyes and tell me the truth please" I pleaded holding her hands as I turned to look at her.
She kept her eyes on the dash board and I couldn't see that woman who was my teacher, all I could see was a woman who I loved so much but with the struggle to look at me.
I held her chin and turned her face towards me .
" am waiting, " i whispered.
She looked straight into my eyes and I took in the softness in them. They looked clouded with some gentle passion which I could cleary interprate.
" I can't do this Jay, please you have to let me be, we are......"
She couldn't get to finish her sentence and I held her mouth with my finger. Patting her lips gently.
" come with me, " I whispered still touching her lips.
" what do you mean," she murmered behind my finger.
I walked to her side and opened the door holding her hand to allow her out.
I placed my phone to the radio in the car and turned the volume as the song I knew she loved cause I always heard it playing softly every time I went to her class  back in school.
I increased the volume as I led her a couple of steps from the vehicle leaving the door open.
I bow my head slightly and asked her, " will you dance with me?"
She looked around and back at me.
" here?" She asked surprised.
" Yeah. A perfect place for a perfect dance" I chuckled and held her close as the gentle music played on.
She was a bit stiff at the beginning, but as I drew her closer I felt her relax and she slowly placed her head on my chest dancing slowly her hands now touching my shoulders.
I stepped back and threw her forward, turning her around and pulled her back into my embrace and I saw her lips curve into a smile.
I held her closer dancing slowly with her my heart at peace and my mind so calm I felt home.
Without talking, allowing the sound of the music take over our thoughts, we danced quietly. I didn't want to let her go, she belonged to me older than me or not, my heart had chosen.
She sighed and slid her hands on my chest stepping back and looked up at me.
" Jay," she begun the sound of her voice making my insides move....
" talk to me Angela, Am all ears"
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