Monday, 19 November 2018

Nnu Vs Nairaland which forum is leading in Nigeria, read all the similarities and differences here

Over the years ,Nairaland being one of the most visited forum site and traffic source for most bloggers has been rated as the best forum so far.

Nairaland is an online community created by Seun Osewa in March 2005. It is targeted at Nigerians.
Nairaland currently has over 2,052,903 registered accounts (August 16 2018), and is ranked as the 10th most visited site in Nigeria as at August 2018,(and the 4th most visited indigenous site) according to Nairaland reportedly has over 55 million Internet users, corresponding to 32.9% of the entire population. With Nairaland having a considerable but unconfirmed number of users based in diaspora, this statistic suggests that a maximum 3% of Nigerian Internet users are registered on Nairaland compared to Facebook's 11 million Nigerian users which corresponds to approximately 20% of the Internet population. Nairaland, however, does have a considerable number of unregistered users, as registration is only necessary for posting.
Figures published by Nairaland in June 2013 suggest that they had 16,668,654 visits from 6,845,453 unique visitors and 60,031,356 pageviews in the 30 days of that month. In March 2018, Nairaland witnessed 28,481,197 visits from 6,053,091 unique visitors, totaling into 219,077,675 pageviews, which is nearly four times its monthly traffic five years ago.

in 2014 Following a successful hacking attempt, Nairaland went offline briefly on the 22 June 2014. The hackers were able to get access to the website's host server and backup, and maliciously deleted all its content. Three days later, it was back online after some data had been recovered from a remote backup. However, data from 10 January 2014 through the date of the attack was unrecovered

Credits goes to WIKIPEDIA 

Current Stat of Nairaland in November 2018 as stated below
 2,119,528 members, 4,589,991 topics. Date: Monday, 19 November 2018.

NNU.NG is an online news aggregation and contributors that focus on delivering curated, relevant and latest news items that we believe are of interest to majority from top reliable sources, focusing to Nigerians based locally and Diaspora on Issues, politics, entertainment, education and many more.
Powered by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business with registration number 2453653.
NNU.NG source news items by publishers, bloggers, and contributors from various sources including top Nigerian Newspapers like The Guardian, Vanguard newspapers, Channelstv  and other top online news portal, blogs and other numerous sources.
NNU also have a corporate social responsibility efforts that cover ads revenue sharing and affiliate system for its member to earn residual income online on monthly basis
Paul Samson, is the brain behind, he is an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, freelancer and a Blogger.

NNU was created in july, 2017, by Paul  Samson.

Current Stats: 590,270 members, 184,972 posts. Date: November 19, 2018.





in a nutshell, NNu was this fame in a glase due to the heavy finance invested in the platform, there is a roman saying that goes, use a rat favourite meal to kill a rat.

Talking about the Opposition Forum which has been a grand leading platform for 13years now.

Cannot and Should not be under rated..till tomorrow Nairaland keeps moving forward.

if NNU should stop paying her users from reading news,do you think the plaform would be as it is?

Most of the contents available at nnu are posted with credit by admins of the platform while nairaland are mostly posted by other bloggers with their credit copyrighted.

from the above Stat you should be able to do a mathematical Comparism.

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