Antoine Griezmann provided for Barcelona before the KO in Champions of the Athletic one

Antoine Griezmann's love story and heartbreak began with Barça in 2017. That year Barca was already interested in him but the Frenchman, who also had a Manchester
 United bid, agreed to stay at Atletico because their club had been sanctioned by FIFA without being able to register players and did not want to lose its great star.

 That yes, Griezmann in return obtained a reduction of its termination clause until the 100 million. Barça obtained this information during this summer through

 Robert Fernandez and was launched from September 2017 to seduce French. That same month, MD has already put the whole world on the trail of Griezmann's cultural interest.

 Before the end of the year, Bartomeu met with the parents of Antoine and his sister at the La Venta restaurant in Barcelona to explain the proposal of the
culé and seduce the family with the red and white tip. MD revealed this, with the consequent commotion that was over when Guillermo Amor, a sincere guy where he was,
 publicly admitted that the information was true.

Barça-Griezmann's agreement took off quickly, to the point that Barça saved him from January 2018 at number '7'. But from then until June, Atleti moved very well and
 Barca relaxed a bit. Cholo's insistence, and that Wanda was assigned to the next final of the Champions League, sowed doubt in Griezmann. The victory in the Europa
League, with his great performance, and the great reception of his fans led him to revoke his idea of   going to Barca. The public statement of this came in the report

 "The decision", that infuriate Barca and more known that Gerard Piqué had produced.

Griezmann signed with Atleti and Barca forgot about him. By the end of 2018, Antoine sent a nod to the club azulgrana. Tired of seeing how his best friends at Atleti
 (Lucas, Godín, Juanfran, Filipe) opened the door to the club's exit, he offered to Barca to reflect the agreement of the previous year, accepting salary parameters at the time.

All this, well before Athletic KO in Champions against Juventus. The Catalan club thought about this and told him that okay, but when July 1 their clause fell to 120 million.

Griezmann stands firm despite some interesting information against him and the obvious rejection from the fans of Culé. He knows he needs
 to make sacrifices to please them and with some "heavy weight", but he looks strong. There is less for July 1st.

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