Nigeria Singer Mc Galaxy threatens to disclose proof of planned Instagram live video with Etinosa Idemudia

The singer MC Galaxy threatened to provide enough evidence to show that comedian Etinosa Idemudia and himself staged the live nude video on Instagram that
emerged in March 2019.

MC Galaxy in a recent interview revealed that the incident was planned, however, Etinosa went overboard- a claim that the latter denied emphatically.

In a post now deleted on his Instagram page, he shared an old video of Etinosa on live video showing his body to his fans.

His caption read: "@etinosaofficial Were you drunk here?

"This was your first live video in which you were naked in your own live video showing your body to your fans and I sent a request to participate in what
you allowed. Soon post the audio ...... of you asking me to call you my show you want to blow too smh "

MC Galaxy told Hip TV in an interview that: "The live video thing, we planned it. Me and Ethina really plan these things. But I was not happy with the way
the whole thing ended up happening to me alone. But we do not plan for her to be naked like that. She exaggerated when she joined the live video, "he said in
 an interview with Hip TV.

But Etinosa countered with a denial that she has dignity as a woman and would never trade her nakedness for fame.

"Do you know what nudity means to me?" She posted on Instagram. My femininity, my dignity as an African woman. My very essence. My privacy. No woman in her right
 will bargain for anything. Even the strippers wear lingerie and you think I'll be completely naked for fame. "

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