Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The first girl I met on campus

mrs.john walkd by said ‘hullo’ to us and motioned that she wanted to juma then i was like how did juma known her..then asked my name and i told her that am mr.fidempa and my house is located 50m away from her own.

She was married to a bussiness man who had bussiness trips often and i myself was also married man wth no children yet unlike juma who was still hookingup every skirt he comes across wth..all this while as we took glances on each other and several occasion we would lockup our eyes 4 seconds and her facial expression was like’i know what u want but i wont give u some’mrs john abide us goodbyes and walk away..juma later told me they were just friends and no strings attachd.ofcourse my mesage had been sent and mrs john turnd back and smiled at me wryly,before continuing on her way.About two days later,mrs john approachd me and beggd to have a private converstion wth me.On stepping aside she bubbled about how she wasnt and would never have an affair wth juma..(why is she telling me this..just my mind) (why is she telling me all this..just my mind) she went on to caution me never ever tell juma anything about our conversation.this prompted me to silently ask her what she meant by that.she added that ‘mbu’juma had alot of words(wahala)”that guy is like a woman,he cant keep a secret”she said…*hmm i know my guy juma since childhood,he is good to be referrd to as ‘die alone’..but why is this lady saying that he is a wahala guy..hmm something fishy might be around the corner*..mrs john then volunteerd to give me her whatsapp number and facebook id,such that we could chat wthout juma knowing.”but please dont ever call or send mesages at night,”she said,warning that her hubby would kill her or smash uhe phone.The following day at around noon,i called her and confessed my feeling for her.” too i like you,”she replied.That prompted me to ask why she never made the move.”nanti i am a woman,you would have thought that i am a s--t.”she said.
On hearing that i told her on how i cant waste my time telling how attractive she is,”you already know that” i,i asked her how and where we would meet to hookup that,mrs john told me to look 4 a place outside Abuja and let her know”How soon will u give me ko?” i that she smile and told me to find the place and leave the rest 4 her,she said in a lustful manner and she sounded more like john her hubby was impotent.i playd naive by asking for sometime to look 4 a nice safe haven after which i would inform her.about three hours later,i called and asked if she had any safe place in Abuja.’No.’she replied.i then told her of a secret guest house,where we agreed to linkup the following day..then when i finished talking to her i set to go home.i reached home unexpectd coz therewas no jam to delay me on the way..but when i pulledout the brakes my wife jane cam and embraced my wth a tight hug and was lighting like a candal in pitch black which was unusual.
i dont remember the lastime she did that to me,and this all while we have been not showing interest on each but today its really different.she then broke the hug and planted a warm kiss on my lips,i felt it but never returnd.she then look at me and asked if i am well and i replied immediately wth ‘yes’,’then lets enter inside and have your favourite meal..enterd inside and i went to change my cloths coz this office cloths were already messedup when i was jerking when i was sexchating wth mrs john on phone in my office..i first went to take a shower to clean all the mess and i wore my buggy boxer and armless top then went to our small dining-table.i found my wife when she had arranged the dining-table and i was like wow why today or today is a special wife then served the food and i was like what an aroma and immediately waves startd running in my stomach even i never knew i have been hungry all this while,she finishd serving and sat opposite my and bubbled a prayer but when i opened my eyes after bubbling my ‘amen’,jane was already on a singlet whereby her b-----s were protuding outside and moreso she wasnt on a bra,i took more glances on it coz that guy inside my buggy boxer was starting to wakeup and i also enjoyd the view..she caught me eyeing on her b----t and just gave me alook which says like”all is yours so know need of staring at them”…fast forward..i was seatd on sofa watching news when a felt a tap on my shoulder,looking back,here stands jane wth only a bra and pajama,then she move infront and sat on my laps then gave me a faint smile and grabbd the remote from me and changed to music channel,she stoodup and startd twaggling her a-s infront of me..guys i was really meltingup and i wantd to just grab her and pound her really i just maintaind mr guy in me and moreso the way was holding her n-----s made me forget that i have an appointment wth mrs john tomorro at 8am..she moved towards me and sat again on my laps but this time wth a new move towards me and sat on my laps but this time wth a new move that she startd rubbing has a-s on my laps now my minds were like”mr man why acting dormant as if she someones wife yets shes yours and even legalised” i dont know what came on me that i grabbd her a-s and gave her a tough kissed that i was even bitting her tongue..we were fondling when she moved down my laps and freed mr animal and quickly took it to her mouth and suckd it realy hard and i was like ‘yea,thats it bby..take it all…” all this while i never knew that i was still in planet earth..just then i felt my d--k in her throat and realy this was enough to make me explode in her throat and she took all leaving none and my d--k was just glittery like a diamond..ofcoz am not that 1round man,i still had more to explode i took over the wheel i motiond her to sit and spread her legs..then i move in the move and first plantd pecks on her well shaved ebony p---y..i startd eating her p---y lips which were swollen ready to burst I startd eating her p---y lips which were swollen ready to burst then i dippd my f--k-finger in her p---y,she was d--n wet not just wet but wet and i startd finger f-----g her till her breathing rate change and startd speaking in tongues..just that i alocatd her c--t and rubbd it wth high motion as so as fingering her..little did i realise that she was trembling and jerking all while,just then i heard ‘paaash’ a wave of her o–m splashd my face and were really smelling like flower nectar just then she recoverd from her o–m i raisd her 1 leg and placed on my shoulder and directd my fully erectd 8.7”d--k on her tightly loose p---y..guy this was holy paradise..i startd wth a moderate speed thrusting her and i can hear her yell wth pain and pleasure all combind..i continued f-----g her in that postion coz i could go deep and i could feel my d--k knocking her worm and i was worried that i might spoil it then i felt my scratum and ball stiften but i was not ready to expode so i stopd and help her go 4 her knees..

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